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27 May 2010

Council quantifies staff costs for RWC 2011

Nelson City Council will invest $655,000 in the form of reallocated staff resources to deliver a quality RWC 2011 experience to Nelson.

Council’s RWC 2011 commitment will be strengthened by the assignment of existing staff with expertise in areas that will help deliver the once in a lifetime event.

Chief Executive Keith Marshall says, “No one could have foreseen when Nelson made its original bid two years ago that the work involved would be so significant. Our financial commitment with Tournament Organiser Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd (RNZ) always included existing staff resources, and we’re going to give it 100 percent to ensure we’re successful.

“We’ll have a stadium equipped for two RWC-calibre matches that has temporary capacity for 20,000 fans. We also have to manage much of the local workforce--both paid and volunteer--plan and manage transport, crowd control, and match security, and put on a festival including two fan zones. And we’ll host three teams, see to the quality of their training venues and the enjoyment of their stay.

“I have no doubt it will all be worth it. Tapping into our own talent was always the most budget conscious way for us to put on an event of this magnitude.”

Around 25 staff will work about 7,550 hours through to November 2011 for RWC 2011, amounting to the $655,000 figure. Work set aside by these staff will be either handled by other staff or reprioritised. No new staff, except for those included in the $1.7m RWC 2011 budget, will be hired.

Mr Marshall is notifying Councillors of this shift in work focus with a report at next week’s Council meeting.