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15 Sep 2011

MEMA enforcement stepped up

Enforcement of the Major Events Management Act (MEMA) rules is now a high priority with the first match in Nelson just days away.

Angela Ricker, RWC 2011 Nelson Communications Manager says, “It’s been great how the city has embraced the Tournament so far and is dressed to support our visiting teams. We are hopeful that this will continue as we countdown to the matches and people will stay within what is permitted under MEMA.”

MEMA is about the protections put in place to prevent attempts to make commercial gain from the tournament through unauthorised association or intrusion. Activities are also covered by Council Bylaws and District Plans.

These protections are an important part of making sure New Zealand successfully hosts RWC 2011 and future events. If New Zealand is to stage these events in the future then it must protect the rights of sponsors who are pouring millions of dollars into this Tournament. This is money which the IRB uses to grow the game from the grassroots level upwards around the world. There are some key things to know:

  • If you run an existing business, there will be no impact on your ability to continue honest ‘business as usual’ activities, such as continuing to use your usual signage and advertising.
  • MEMA prohibits any advertising, anywhere, that suggests an association with RWC 2011 where there is none, especially where protected emblems and words (or those deceptively similar), are used. An association is not avoided by using words such as ‘unoffi cial’ or ‘unauthorised’.
  • The Council will be enforcing its Bylaws and other regulations within the Clean Zone and Enforcement Precinct as well as elsewhere in the city to ensure there is no unauthorised advertising (including leafl ets) and promotional or sales activities such as street trading or giveaways.
  • Locals need to know they can be held liable for allowing any unauthorised advertising or other commercial activities on their property.
  • Don’t assume that an activity is ‘safe’ simply because it is taking place outside the clean zone.

Check out the map of the areas affected and see a copy of the guide to MEMA regulations here.