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18 Dec 2009

RWC 2011 Newsletter #3 December 2009

Three RWC 2011 teams to get sunny Nelson treatment
Nelson will host three teams during Rugby World Cup 2011: Italy, USA, and the Europe 2 qualifier.

Three RWC 2011 teams to get sunny Nelson treatment

Nelson will host three teams during Rugby World Cup 2011: Italy, USA, and the Europe 2 qualifier.

The Italian team will stay in Nelson 21 nights over two stays from 2-8 September and 16-29 September. The USA team will stay four nights from 24-27 September, and the Europe 2 qualifier is staying two nights, 19 – 20 September.

Nelson Mayor Kerry Marshall says, “I’m ecstatic about the news that Nelson will welcome three RWC 2011 teams to our region. Tournament Organiser Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd has worked very hard to engage and involve the entire country, and their decision today goes a long way toward achieving the goal of a ‘Stadium of Four Million.’”

Mayor Marshall says visitors following the three teams to Nelson will have plenty of time in between matches to experience all the wonderful things this region has to offer.

“Everyone, including the Italians, Americans and Europeans following their teams, is in for an incredible treat when they come to Nelson. There’s so much to do and see in our amazing city. Of course, during RWC 2011 there will be even more because we’ll be throwing a grand party right around the region to celebrate this once-in-a-decade event coming to our city.”

Nelson has tremendous visitor appeal, Mayor Marshall says, and visitors should make the time to stay for a few days to truly take in Nelson’s warm climate, arts community, and incredible outdoor activities.

“Once people have had their fill of Nelson city and surrounds, they need only go down the road to our neighbours in Tasman for an altogether different experience, especially in Abel Tasman National Park.”

RWC 2011 Nelson Steering Group Chair Aldo Miccio says it’s fitting that so many teams will be staying in Nelson since it is the birthplace of Rugby in New Zealand.

“We originally bid to host one team – now we’ve got three and it’s going to be triple the excitement for both visitors and residents.

“Our region is already gearing up to welcome the teams and Rugby fans. We’re planning heaps of fun things to do during RWC 2011. Italian fans will definitely find it feels like home here in Nelson where there’s a strong Italian heritage and community.

“And, while Rugby fans will find a lot to do here, with Nelson being the birthplace of New Zealand Rugby and with the games themselves, everyone will have a great time joining in on the bigger party atmosphere.”

RWC 2011 ticket prices for Nelson confirmed

A family of four will be able to pay as little as $90 to enjoy either of two great RWC 2011 matches in Nelson at prices announced by Tournament Organisers Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd (RNZ 2011).

For the game on 27 September between Italy and USA, ticket prices range from $15 for a child up to $95 for the most expensive adult ticket. For the game on 20 September between Italy and Europe 2, prices range from $15 for a child to $70 for the most expensive adult ticket.

Tickets will go on public sale beginning April 2010.

Key pricing highlights

  • Ticket prices are reflective of prices from RWC 2007
  • Two-thirds of matches across NZ will be priced at or below current test match ticket prices
  • A payment plan will be made available to fans that will enable them to pay for their tickets in instalments. Use of a payment plan over six months would, for example, enable a fan to attend:
  • All 5 pool matches in Wellington from just $60 per month for an adult
  • All 5 pool matches in Christchurch from just $51 per month for an adult
  • All 5 pool matches in Eden Park from just $78 per month for an adult

Visit for more information.

Stars and stripes to fly at RWC 2011

On 22 November in Florida, the United States of America (USA) beat Uruguay to secure their position at Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC 2011) as the Americas 2 qualifier.

On 15 November, the USA won the first of the two match qualification series 27-22 despite a late comeback by Uruguay which saw them score 13 points in the final six minutes. Uruguay went down 27-6 in front of the American crowd.

The USA will compete at RWC 2011 in Pool C against Australia, Ireland, Italy and Europe 2, with their game in Nelson on Tuesday 27 September 2011.

Decision to keep Makos in Nelson lauded

Nelson RWC 2011 Steering Group Chair Aldo Miccio is applauding the decision by the NZRU Board to retain the Tasman Makos in the Air New Zealand Cup.

"The announcement was fantastic news for the region. It means the team and the region can build on what has been a fantastic year for the Makos. As a community, we can move forward with confidence in planning for RWC 2011 safe in the knowledge that NZRU are delivering a stadium of 4 million where they value and foster the development of Rugby in our region."

Sand will soon be spilled at Trafalgar Park

Trafalgar Park will be the first-ever New Zealand sports park with a sand turf consisting of all recycled glass sand. Most sports parks have a natural sand turf, but recycled glass sand is a way to save our natural resources and still provide a consistent playing ground and good drainage system at Trafalgar Park.

The first bag of sand is due to be poured after the new year... stay tuned for an update next time about the turf upgrade as well as an article on all the other sustainable measures undertaken during the Park's upgrade.

Making use of the RWC 2011 brand

The Rugby World Cup 2011 Host City Event Seal and other intellectual property are the exclusive property of and licensed by Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) and are protected by national and international laws and conventions on Trade Marks and Copyright.

All reproductions, even partial, and any use of The Rugby World Cup 2011 intellectual property is strictly prohibited without the prior written approval of RWCL (or IMG acting on its behalf), initiated through contact with Nelson City Council as Host City. Requests are handled by the Centralised Media Office, or CMO (contact information below).

Depending upon the requesting organisation and event, the CMO may manage the request for brand use or it may refer the organisation directly to Tournament Organisers Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd, who manage all Host City Brand approvals with RWCL. The Host City through the CMO must be notified of all requests to use the RWC 2011 brand.

First step to take

Any queries must be directed to the Centralised Media Office. In early 2010 a brochure will be available and an online process will be set up to assist people, organisations, or groups in making formal requests.

Centralised Media Office

Angela Ricker, RWC 2011 Nelson Communications Manager
Nelson City Council
+64 3 546 0343

RWC 2011 Nelson Steering Group news

2011 will be a year to be proud of

By Clr Aldo Miccio, Chair

The Nelson Tasman region is going to be extra busy in 2011! Rugby World Cup is coming and as you may have heard, we are host to the Italian, American, and Europe 2 qualifier teams, and the host city of two matches featuring the hosted teams; Trafalgar Park will host two games in September 2011, while the region will be host to a large number of international and domestic visitors.

To showcase Nelson to the country and the world, and for us to have a bit of fun too, we are planning a number of events leading up to RWC
2011 to celebrate Rugby, Nelson, and New Zealand. Some of the events may be specifically created to leverage RWC 2011, such as the commemoration of New Zealand’s first game of Rugby in 1870, while existing annual events such as the Nelson Arts Festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival, the October Beer Fest, and Richmond’s Last of the Summer Fare, might also coordinate with RWC 2011.

The Nelson Tasman region is also proposing two Fan Zones for RWC 2011 fans to watch the semi-finals and the RWC 2011 Final, not unlike the zones set up in Wellington during the Lion’s Rugby tour in 2005. One is proposed for Upper Trafalgar Street and the other proposed for Sports Park Motueka. We want this to be a festival for the whole region so stay tuned for what's going to be happening in your area.

The RWC 2011 Nelson Steering Group's planning for a fantastic 2011 for everyone in the region - a year to be proud of – is going well. The Trafalgar Park multi-purpose facility upgrade is on target, and the Steering Group has begun planning on a range of events and activities. Watch this space!