Golf lessons

A quick and easy way to get into the marvelous game of golf is to take one or more lessons. Waahi Taakaro Golf Pro John Moore utilizes a lifetime of experience to teach an easy-to-understand series of lessons on the basics of the game.

From the grip to the stance, from the driver to the putter, from chipping to course management, our Introduction to Golf Programme makes the game simple.

Lesson One – The Basics

Lesson One is an introduction to the basics of the golf swing. These fundamentals will become the building blocks on which you learn a reliable, repeatable swing.  Our emphasis is on simplicity and a presentation which is easy to understand and execute.

Each part of the swing is covered, giving the student the confidence of a coherent and thorough understanding of the golf basics.


  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Takeaway
  • Downswing
  • Timing
  • Coordination
  • Practice Method

An instrumental part of learning golf is developing a solid practice routine that duplicates the act of playing the game. The final part of this first lesson is to give the student a practice routine – a routine that will accelerate the learning process within our programme and provide a valuable tool to enhance your game in the future.

Lesson Two – The Mid Game

In this and each subsequent lesson we start by reviewing all of our previous lessons.  We answer any questions which may arise and correct any errors in your swing. 

Here we focus on developing better direct contact with the ball and introduce the best techniques for hitting the ball.


  • Short Irons (7 through wedge)
  • Mid Irons (4 through 6)
  • Half Shots

Lesson Three – The Long Game

By now the student has begun to develop a fundamentally sound swing and is starting to make reliable contact using the short and mid irons.  Here the driver and the fairway woods are covered.


  • Fairway Woods
  • Driver

Lesson Four – The Short Game

The old adage is you ‘drive for show but you putt for dough’.  In golf each stroke counts the same – a 200 meter drive or a 15 cm putt. 

In Lesson Four we introduce the best techniques for play when you are near the green. The basics of pitching, chipping and putting are the most important part of the game when it comes to improving your score.


  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Putting

Lesson Five – Putting It All Together

In Lesson Five we do a comprehensive review of all the material presented earlier.  Your swing is evaluated and corrections made as necessary. 

Lesson Six – Course Management

Our pro goes on course with you for three holes of play.  The object is to learn strategies for play that reduce the effects of hazards – keeping you out of trouble.

Golf etiquette is also covered.


One person: $240.00
Two people: $140.00 each

Single lessons are available for $40.00