8 Feb 2019

Further reserve closures due to Pigeon Valley fire

To support the emergency response to the fire near Wakefield, Nelson City Council is temporarily closing public access to all Landscape and Conservation Reserves. This includes:

Conservation reserves

  • Maitai, Brook and Roding Water Reserves (including the Dun Mountain Trail, Barnicoat Walkway and backcountry mountain bike trails)
  • Marsden Valley Reserve
  • Venner Reserve
  • Titoki Reserve

Landscape Reserves

  • Tantragee Reserve (including Codgers mountain bike park)
  • Atmore Reserve
  • Bolwell Reserve
  • Botanical Hill
  • Eureka Park
  • Grampians Reserve
  • Hanby Park
  • Highview Reserve
  • Pipers Park
  • Sir Stanley Whitehead Park
  • Tasman Heights Reserve

The key risk is around the safety of people being caught should a fire break out. With the extreme dry conditions, prevailing winds, slope and nature of the vegetation, a fire would spread uphill extremely quickly, making evacuation difficult.

These measures reduce the risk of needing to divert resources away from the current fire emergency in Tasman.

Please stay out of these reserves for your own safety. Council will advise when it is considered safe to access these areas again.

If you see signs of smoke or fire in any reserves please call 111 immediately.