Walk Nelson

Welcome to Walk Nelson

Whether you feel like a shorter walk closer to home or a day walk to get away from it all, it’s possible in Nelson!

Get some activity in your day using walking routes around town, or head into the hills and forests for some heart thumping, boot stomping fun.

Walk Nelson is divided into seven geographical sections with an overall map of each section showing the general location of walks. Each walk has route directions, and average time required.

See the symbol on each walk for the grade and refer to the legend for an explanation of symbols.

The times for each walk are based on a medium paced family walk time.

Keep it fun for all

  • Respect other track users, especially when using shared pathways
  • Leave gates as you found them
  • Be prepared for challenging weather conditions
  • Ensure children are supervised
  • Don’t forget sun protection and water
  • On those walks where dogs are allowed, always carry a leash and use a ‘doggy doo’ bag. When a walk passes through more than one type of dog control area, two dog icons are given.

Be aware that tracks on the rural walks may be affected by slips, changes to gates or other altered conditions.


  • well marked
  • easy and well formed
  • for all ages and fitness levels
  • boots not necessary
  • some suitable for disabled visitors
  • few steep sections
Walking Track
  • well marked
  • for most fitness levels
  • boots not generally needed
  • waterways usually bridged
Tramping track
  • marked but often not benched
  • may be steep and rough in some places
  • some unbridged waterways
  • boots advisable
  • moderate fitness level


No dogs


dogs on leash


suitable for biking


suitable for baby buggies


please close gate