31 - Kanuka Track

A moderately hard walk up through the hills that form Nelson's backdrop. The Grampians are the big rolling hills behind Nelson, with pockets of regenerating native vegetation and exotic trees.


Time: 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Area: South Nelson

Strart Location: Start in the Brook Valley at Blick Terrace. There is a stile next to the locked gate for access to the path.

Download the Kanuka Track map (150KB PDF)

Route directions

Follow the gravel road for about 10 minutes or so until you come to a track that keeps heading straight up - the gravel road will veer sharply to the right. There is a low sign on the left indicating the Kanuka Track. Continue up until you reach the signs indicating the Grampian Summit via Kanuka Track.

At this stage you could either continue up to the Grampian Summit or follow the Kanuka Track which will take you to just below the summit on the gravel track, just a few minutes from the lookout.

Enjoy the beautiful views from the lookout. There are some information panels at the lookout describing the fault lines and outlining the western ranges in the distance. You can follow the main gravel track back down to Blick Terrace.