Alcohol Ban Areas

Bylaw 225 - Urban Environments Bylaw sets out restrictions for the drinking of alcohol in certain public areas in Nelson.

Some areas are alcohol free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while other areas have restrictions on drinking between 9pm and 7am every day. The police can now issue instant fines of $250 to anyone caught drinking in Alcohol Ban Areas.

You can apply for a permit (214KB PDF) to hold a low risk event involving the drinking of a small amount of alcohol in areas where alcohol is normally banned. An example of the kind of activity that could receive this kind of permit is a celebratory drink after a wedding in Queens Gardens. 

Alcohol Ban Areas - 24 hours, 7 days a week

Nelson Central
  • Nelson CBD
  • Nelson CBD west – Vanguard/St Vincent Street area
  • Pioneers Park
  • Anzac Park
  • Rutherford Park
  • Haven Road Reserve
  • Lower Maitai River Reserves (from Nile street down river)
  • Queens Gardens
  • Kerr-Wellington Street Walkway
  • Konini Street Gardens Eastern Side of Konini Street
  •  Victory Reserve
  • Around the Victory Shops
  • Wigzall Park
  • Lions Playground, Tahunanui Reserve
  • Stoke CBD

Alcohol Ban Areas - 9pm to 7am every day

Nelson Central
  • Nelson CBD east - Bridge Street/Collingwood Street area
  • Trafalgar Park
  • QEII Cycleway
  • Neale and Guppy Parks
  • Miyazu Park
  • Botanics Sportsground
  • Fairfield Park
  • Branford Park
  • Upper Maitai River Reserves (from Nile Street to Waahi Takaaro Golf Course)
  • Paddy's Knob
  • Tahunanui Reserve and Beach
  • Abel Tasman Statue Carpark
  • Railway Reserve (Tahunanui Drive to Saxton Road)
  • Isel Park
  • Greenmeadows
  • Marsden Recreation Ground
  • Broadgreen Gardens
  • Saxton Field
  • Railway Reserve (Tahunanui Drive to Saxton Road)

Map of Alcohol Ban Areas

Click on the links below to view maps of the alcohol ban areas.

Whole City Overview (2.5MB PDF)

Inner City  (480KB PDF)

Neale Park, Guppy Park, Miyazu Gardens (241KB PDF)

Maitai Walkway, Maitai Cricket Ground, Botanics, Branford  Park (277KB PDF)

Maitai Valley (161KB PDF)

Victory Square, Wigzell Park, Fairfield Park (304KB PDF)

Tahunanui Recreation Reserve, Paddy's Knob (272KB PDF)

Stoke, Marsden Rec, Green Meadows, Isel Park, Broadgreen (531KB PDF)

Saxton Field, Railway Reserve (266KB PDF)


 Bylaw 225 - Urban Environments Bylaw (433KB PDF)

Application Form for Exemption - Alcohol in Public Places (214KB PDF)

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