CCTV Cameras in the Nelson CBD

Closed circuit television is operating in central city.

Nelson's residents and visitors enjoying an evening in the centre of town will be well-looked after, thanks to the closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring project that operates as a Safe City Nelson initiative.

The programme began in response to resident surveys, which revealed that most residents feel safe during the day but some people feel less safe at night, particularly in the city centre. As a part of the Nelson City Council's Safe City Nelson programme, volunteers of the Nelson Community Patrol monitor the live video feed at the police station watch house and alert officers if needed. Videotape recordings of the CCTV are retained only if needed for evidence.

CCTV footage from the CBD is managed by the police in Nelson.  All enquiries regarding CCTV footage from the CBD should be directed to the Nelson Police station.

Signs indicate the operation of the CCTVs in Buxton and Montgomery carparks, on Bridge Street, Trafalgar Street and Church Hill.