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Marina fees and forms

This page details the recreational boat harbour annual licencing and mooring fees, liveaboard rules for marina residents, marina supervisor contact details and other marina information.

Marina fees and charges

The fees and charges included in the page below are 2020/21 rates, to 30 June 2021.
Download the fees and charges for 2021/22, effective from 1 July 2021 (138KB PDF)

General Terms & Conditions

  • Fees are subject to change without prior notice. Prices include GST unless stated otherwise.
  • All expenses incurred in collecting outstanding fees and/or charges shall be payable by the licence holder.
  • Berth-holders wishing to cancel a permanent berth must notify the Marina Supervisor a minimum of 48 hrs in advance.
  • Berths are required to be vacated by 1.00pm on the day of departure.
  • Visiting vessels MUST ADVISE the Marina Supervisor of their day of departure, failure to do so will result in ongoing daily charges.

Marina Berth Holder Licence Terms and Conditions (545KB PDF)

Marina Berth & Pile Mooring Application charges

A non-refundable deposit of $159 must be paid with each application for pontoon permanent and pole (pile mooring) berths. A $78 deposit is required for Dry Berth Trailer Parks. This deposit will be credited to the applicant's first Annual Licence account, on the allocation of a permanent mooring.

Marina berths - Annual licence

$251 + GST per metre of vessel or part thereof per annum, or berth size, whichever is the greater.

Pile moorings annual licence

$151.40 plus GST per metre of vessel.

Temporary berth

Charged at $1.30 plus GST per metre of vessel, or part thereof per day. The charge applies to those waiting for a permanent berth. No living aboard allowed.


Multi-hull vessels in designated berths will be charged at 1.5 – 2.0 x single berth rate for a vessel of the same size, plus GST. The applicable rate will be determined by the Marina Supervisor on length and width of vessel or berth whichever is the greater.

Commercial recreational berths

$397.60 + GST per metre of vessel or part thereof per annum, or berth size, whichever is the greater.

Boat storage park


A non-refundable deposit of $81.50 must be paid with each application. This deposit will be credited to the applicant’s first Annual Boat Storage account on allocation of a permanent parking lot.

Annual storage

$1,094.10 plus GST per space (includes annual ramp fee).

Daily Storage

$5 plus GST per space

Live Aboard Charge

Nelson Marina has suspended its applications to live-aboard as a result of over-demand. Existing applicants will remain on the list however no new applicants will be accepted. The application list may be opened at some future date should the backlog of applicants clear sufficiently to facilitate new applications.

Showers and laundry

Coin-operated - $1 or $2 per shower.
Laundry - $3 wash, $2 per 20-minute dry.

Marina Berths - Visitor Rates

Visitor rates
Boat length Fee (incl GST)
Less than 18 metres $32.30 per day *
18 metres - 20 metres $48.70 per day *
More than 20 metres $4.90 per metre of vessel per day
Multi-hulls will be charged at 1.5 - 2.0 x single berth Visitor Rate inc GST.
* A surcharge of $5 per person, per day, will apply where a vessel is carrying more than two persons over the age of ten years. The surcharge will apply only to the additional persons carried.


Travelift Haulout and Hardstand Rates

Boat Length(m) (next smaller value)

Lift, hold, blast(1hr) and return ($)

Lift, blast, set-down and return ($)

Hardstand first night ($)

Hardstand (per day after first night) ($)

Hardstand Storage (per day >30 days) ($)

9.0 - 9.9






10.0 -10.9






















































  1. All prices are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax.
  2. Length is the nearest smaller value, compared to the measured length overall projections.
  3. Prices include water-blasting. Wash-down is compulsory if vessel is to be moved from dock area. Badly fouled hulls will incur additional water-blasting costs@ $69/hr.
  4. Extra charge of $80.00 applies when double strops are required (vessels over approx. 20t, or light construction hulls, at the discretion of the operator).
  5. Special Travelift services, such as lifts to or from transporters, keel fitting etc., will be charged at $120.00 plus GST per half hour or part thereof, with a minimum charge of $127.00.
  6. Hardstand charges in yard include power, water and boat stands.
  7. Storage rates only apply when vessel books for more than 30 days, and no work being undertaken.

Boat length

All fees & charges relating to the length of a vessel shall be based on the ‘overall length'. The ‘overall length’ shall be determined as being from bow to stern (including all fixtures such as bowsprits, self-steering gear, davits, etc).

Minimum Charge

The minimum charge shall be based on an 8-metre vessel.

Public boat ramp Annual boat ticket

View the Boat Ramp fees and to find out more about other Nelson-area boat ramps

Use of the Inspection Grid will need to be booked with the Marina Supervisor costs will be $20 plus gst per consecutive high tides (day). No water blasting, cleaning, scraping, painting or other physical works will be allowed whilst on the grid.

Administration charge

A $53 administration charge is payable for changes of berth or details.

Liveaboard Rules - Key Points

  • Permanent liveaboards will be permitted in the Nelson City Council Marina by permit only, which may be revocable by the Marina Supervisor or NCC at their discretion.
  • The maximum number of 'Liveaboard" berths is three per pontoon.
  • A list of berth holders waiting to live on board their boats will be maintained in order of application date priority and available for public inspection in the Marina Supervisor's office.
  • The order of allocation shall be to the highest priority boat on the 'Waiting List' that best fills a berth on the available pier.
  • Only owners and their immediate families are permitted to stay aboard.
  • All liveaboard vessels must have and will be deemed to have a current 'electrical warrant of fitness' where the electrical supply is connected directly or fixed into the vessel's system, switchboard or bulkhead.
  • Electricity consumption is to be limited to battery chargers and small household appliances (like TV, radio) - NO ELECTRICAL HEATERS.
  • Piers and finger piers must be kept clear at all times. Laundry, bicycles, buildings projects should be kept to a minimum and cleaned up at the end of each day.
  • Shore-side toilets and showers are to be used and no material is to be deposited overboard.
  • Any liveaboard tenant who is away from the marina with their boat for more than (3) months, but who continues to pay a permanent berth fee, shall, on their return to the marina, if they request to go on the liveaboard waiting list, be placed at the bottom of that list.
  • Any liveaboard tenant who does not live aboard their boat for more than (3) three months, shall lose their liveaboard status.
  • Any permanent berth holders staying on board their boat for more than five nights per month will be charged 'visitor' rates.
  • 'Liveaboard' tenants shall pay a 'liveaboard' fee of $159 plus GST per month, over and above their permanent mooring rate. This fee will be subject to regular review.

Liveaboard responsibilities

Help monitor security on piers and parking lots. Telephone police (phone +64 3 546 3840), or Port Company (VHF16) in the event of suspicious activities.

Report to Marina Supervisor any unusual conditions or activities (like broken street lights, mooring lines, water pipes) needing attention. Assist visiting yachts by directing them to visitors' area.

Liveaboard application

Download the Liveaboard application (20KB PDF)

Marina staff

Marina Manager, phone +64 3 546 7768


Dave Duncan, phone +64 3 539 3891


More information about the services available at the Marina. You will also find navigational information for visiting boats and Nelson's daily tide times.

Large Berth Pontoon for the marina

All large berth pontoons are currently allocated.