Street stall sites available

Nelson City Council has the following street stall site available for letting. This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who would like to add to the vibrancy of the city centre and go into business.

The site is on Trafalgar Street (outside Westpac) with an annual rental of $3,654.52 (+GST)

The term of the lease will be until 30 June 2021 with no rights of renewal.

A copy of the Licence to Occupy agreement will be provided on request. Council suggests that you make yourself familiar with all of the conditions in the Licence. A template is included here (48KB PDF) so you know what to expect.

An administration fee of $200 plus GST is also payable when the Licence to Occupy is signed.

Your application must be accompanied by the equivalent of two months rent plus GST. This will be refunded if you are unsuccessful.

The maximum area permitted to be occupied at either site will be 4m2.

Please review this information sheet “Street Vendors Carts – Features of Good Carts”. Your proposal should give due consideration to the features required.

If you already own a cart, please submit colour photographs of it plus full details as to size (length, width, height).

If you plan to construct a cart, please submit full details of your proposal.

Your application is to be accompanied by details of the product or service you intend to sell, your previous business experience, and a written copy of your health and safety policy for your intended business.

Written applications registering your expression of interest are to be submitted to:

Brad Sidley
Property Officer
Nelson City Council
Box 645, Nelson 7040

Council reserves the sole right to decide with whom it has discussions or negotiations, and whether or not to let the site to anyone.

If you have any questions, please contact Brad Sidley on (03) 546 0266.

street stall site april 2018