Manager’s Certificate

At all times that alcohol is available for sale to the public in an on or off licensed premises and in some clubs, a manager who holds a current Manager's Certificate must be on duty. The manager is responsible for compliance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, the conditions of the licence and the conduct of the premises. 

Manager's Certificate Qualifications

Under the new legal requirements, managers must either:

  • obtain a Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ) which refers to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012   OR
  • have a Bridging Test Certificate if the LCQ Certificate was obtained under the Sale of Liquor Act 1989

Visit the Service IQ website for the LCQ Bridging test if you need to obtain a copy of your completed Bridging Test: 

Licence Controller Qualification Training Providers

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology - Bar Manager’s Course, 0800 422 733 NMIT website.

The Training Bureau 0800 227 872

Industry Training Solutions 0800 464 487

The Learning Place (previously Industry Training Solutions South Island) – LCQ Training,  Nelson-based contact Natalie De Goldi, 021 1386234, 0800 800 415, The Learning Place website

LCQ online 

Obtaining a Manager’s Certificate

There is now only one type of Manager's Certificate which will be called a Manager's Certificate. If you hold an existing General Manager's Certificate or Club Manager's Certificate, it will continue in force until its expiry date. When you come to renew your certificate, or if you are applying for a new certificate, you will need to hold the new qualification.

You will need to be 20 years of age to hold a Manager's Certificate. If you already hold a Manager's Certificate and are under the age of 20, your certificate will continue in force until its expiry date.

Renewing Your Manager’s Certificate

You must apply to renew your Manager’s Certificate on or before the date on which the current Certificate expires. If you apply after this date it will be treated as a new application and can only be granted for one year.

Appointing Acting and Temporary Managers

In certain circumstances, you are allowed to appoint an uncertified person as Acting or Temporary Manager if a holder of a Manager's Certificate is not available.

Acting Manager

A licensee can appoint someone without a Manager's Certificate as an Acting Manager for up to three weeks at any one time to cover illness or absence. The total period of time for an Acting Manager cannot exceed a total of six weeks in any 12-month period.

Temporary Manager

A Temporary Manager can be appointed if the usual duty manager is ill or absent for any reason or is dismissed or resigns. This person does not have to have a Manager's Certificate, however, this person must, within two working days, apply for a Manager’s Certificate. They may then continue as a Temporary Manager until the application for a Manager’s Certificate is determined. If they do not apply for a Manager’s Certificate within two days of being appointed a Temporary Manager they can no longer act as a Temporary Manager.

When to Appoint an Acting Manager or Temporary Manager

The position of Acting Manager is usually a short-term appointment while a Temporary Manager is likely to be a longer-term replacement for a permanent staff member. Generally, the provisions allow for the appointment of an Acting Manager where the holder of a Manager’s Certificate is ill, absent or on holiday, but where the absence is more of a short-term nature. A Temporary Manager would be more appropriate when the usual or permanent manager suddenly leaves or is ill or absent for a significant period of time.

If a licensee appoints a person as Acting or Temporary Manager that person is deemed to have the responsibilities of the holder of a Manager's Certificate. An Acting or Temporary Manager can be prosecuted for breaches of the Act just as a Manager's Certificate holder can.

Notify us of Changes to Managers

You are legally required to give notice of the appointment, or termination of the appointment, of any manager, Temporary Manager, or Acting Manager to the Licensing Committee and the Police. Notice must be given within 48 hours of appointment or termination.

It is not necessary to notify these agencies if the appointment will not exceed 48 hours, however it is recommended such appointments must be recorded in the managers register for the premises, along with the reason for the appointment.

To give notice you must complete the Notice of Management Change Form and email, fax or send to:

Alcohol Licensing, Nelson City Council
Fax:     +64 3 546 0239     email:
Alcohol Licensing, Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson 7010


New Zealand Police
Fax:     +64 3 545 8960     email:
Nelson Central Police Station, Private Bag 39, Nelson 7042 – Attn Alcohol Licensing

Licence Fees

The fee for a new or renewal of a Managers Certificate is $316.25.

More information on licence fees

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