E-Waste Recycling

Electrical waste (e-waste) is the fastest growing type of waste in the world. In New Zealand, we generate around 80,000 tonnes per year!

E-waste often contains dangerous metals and other substances that can be toxic to the environment and to human health if disposed of or handled inappropriately. Some may also contain valuable and scarce resources that should be recovered and recycled.

Nelson Environment Centre offers E-Waste recycling in the Nelson and Tasman regions.

Items that can be recycled include TVs and monitors (CRT and LCD), desktop PCs and laptops, modems, computer speakers, printers, scanners, fax machines, mobile phones, mice and household appliances.

Visit Nelson Environment Centre E-waste for information on the $20 subsidy available for their e-waste recycling service (one per Nelson household). This subsidy is supported by Nelson City Council.

TechCollect also offer a free recycling service for a range of items including personal computers, tablets, printers, cameras and peripherals. For more information on what can be recycled and where items are accepted go to techcollect.nz.