Second Hand Sunday

Second Hand Sunday is an opportunity to re-home household goods.

It happens across the region - from Tasman Bay to Golden Bay - and is run in partnership with Tasman District Council.

The next Second Hand Sunday is 3 March 2019.

What to do

  1. Sort and collect your items.
  2. Optionally, a few weeks before you can register your address and download the participant list the Friday before.
  3. Print the letterbox poster (58KB PDF) to show on the day.
  4. Put your items on your driveway.
  5. Bring in any remaining items at the end of the day.

What to put out for collection

Please do not include items such as food or dangerous goods, like faulty electrical equipment, chemicals, or firearms. Items should be placed in your driveway and not on the footpath.

The event will take place come rain or shine. It is up to the householder to put items out or not. Please respect the 10am start time.

Remember you are still responsible for anything that isn't taken on the day. Nelson Environment Centre has ideas on how to recycle leftover items.