Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what day my bin will be emptied?

recycling wheelie bin sticker week highlightThe collection day for recycling is written on the sticker on the side of the bin. In the example to the right, the collection day is Tuesday so your recycling collection will be on a Tuesday every second week. You can also look it up here.

Which is my recycling week?

The sticker on your bin will also show which is your week. Each year we’ll issue a colour coded calendar that indicates Week 1 or Week 2 for each week of the year. You can see the current calendar here.

What happens to my plastic recycling after it's collected? 

Watch the video below to follow the journey of a plastic container all the way from the shop to its new life after it’s recycled

What time do my bins need to be out by?

As long as you put your recycling out by 7 am, you’ll never miss your collection.

How should I place my bin?

Place bins at least half a metre away from other objects and close to the kerb. Make sure the lids are closed and the front of the bin faces the road (wheels are at the back). If possible, place away from cars and overhanging trees.

Why do we have to keep the glass separate and not just put it in the wheelie bin?

Glass is processed separately from the rest of the recycling we collect so it’s important that it is collected separately in your blue crate.

Wheelie bins don’t need to be collected as often

crate rwb every 2 weeksPlease bear in mind that you may only want to put your bin out when it is full. It might take smaller households four to six weeks to fill their bin so that saves having to put it out every two weeks.

Who owns the new recycling bin?

The property does. The recycling bin is allocated by Council to an individual property (rateable unit) so must stay with that property.

If I sell my house can I take my recycling bin with me?

No, the recycling bin is allocated to the property and must stay with the property for the new owners or tenants to use. If you’re moving to another house in Nelson, a recycling bin and crate should be waiting for you there.

How do I request a new bin for a new property?

A new bin can be requested by calling 546 0200 or completing a New Home Recycling Wheelie Bin form.

What happens if my wheelie bin is damaged, lost, or stolen?

Please contact Council on 546 0200 to report a stolen or damaged wheelie bin. Council staff will advise you on the process for obtaining a replacement. You can also complete a damaged bin form. You can also report a bin as lost or stolen.

How do I report a found recycling wheelie bin?

A found wheelie bin can be reported here.

Can I change my recycling wheelie bin size?

We encourage you to persist with the size of bin you have. You can complete a form if you find this is not an option for you.

I’ve got too many egg cartons – can I recycle them?

This is a very common question, and the answer is yes, as long as they are made of cardboard and not Styrofoam they will be accepted if you put them in your yellow bin. Recycling isn’t the only option, if you have a compost bin, egg cartons make a good addition, especially if you have a lot of greens. The cardboard can help aerate your compost and soak up excess moisture.

There are staples in the paper I want to recycle – is this OK?

Yes staples are OK (although if there are lots of them and you have time to remove them that does help).

Can glossy magazines be recycled?

Yes glossy magazines can be added to your paper recycling.

What about pizza boxes?

Yes pizza boxes can be recycled as long as they are not contaminated by food scraps (the odd grease smear is OK).