Cup Bond programme subsidy

Nelson cafés and coffee carts can receive a subsidy of up to $120 if they wish to take part in a Cup Bond programme and haven’t already received support from other sources to do so.

Disposable coffee cups aren’t recyclable and often end up in landfill, so we’re really encouraging everyone to use re-usable takeaway cups instead.

But what do you do if you’ve forgotten your cup? This is where Cup Bond programmes come in – participating cafés can offer reusable cups in return for a one-off bond. Customers take the cup away and either swap it for a clean cup at any café using the same Cup Bond programme, or return it and get their bond back.

So how do Cup Bond programmes work? It’s simple really – cafés/coffee carts register with one of our approved subsidy providers: CupCycling ( ) or Again Again ( ). There is usually a cost associated with taking part in these programmes which is why Council is helping out with a subsidy. The subsidy is deducted from the programme cost by the bond programme provider.


The subsidy is available as a one-off discount for up to $120 plus GST for cafés and coffee carts in the Nelson region that have not already received sponsored support from other sources to join a Cup Bond programme. The subsidy is only available when joining an approved Cup Bond programme. The subsidy will be deducted from the Cup Bond programme providers’ first invoice to each café/coffee cart owner. 

Contact our approved providers CupCycle and AgainAgain to find out more.