Route 2: Richmond > Stoke > Tahunanui > Nelson - Weekends

Please note: for the foreseeable future the existing Queen Street and Sundial Square stops will be replaced by a new bus stop on Queen Street. Learn more.

Richmond to Nelson via Tahunanui


INBOUND (Richmond to Nelson) 1 1 1 1 1
Sundial Square/Terminus 9:15am 10:45am 12:45pm 2:15pm 3:45pm
Near Queen Street roundabout 9:17am 10:47am 12:47pm 2:17pm 3:47pm
Salisbury Shops 9:18am 10:48am 12:48pm 2:18pm 3:48pm
Opp Waimea college 9:18am 10:48am 12:48pm 2:18pm 3:48pm
ASB Aquatic Centre 9:19am 10:49am 12:49pm 2:19pm 3:49pm
Whakatu Estate Entrance 9:20am 10:50am 12:50pm 2:20pm 3:50am
Opp Saxton Lodge Motel 9:21am 10:51am 12:51pm 2:21pm 3:51pm
Opp Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village 9:21am 10:51am 12:51pm 2:21pm 3:51pm
Z Petrol Station Stoke 9:22am 10:52am 12:52pm 2:22pm 3:52pm
Opp Polstead Road 9:23am 10:53am 12:53pm 2:23pm 3:53pm
Opp Stoke School 9:23am 10:53am 12:53pm 2:23pm 3:53pm
Stoke Memorial Hall 9:24am 10:54am 12:54pm 2:24pm 3:54pm
Countdown 9:25am 10:55am 12:55pm 2:25pm 3:55pm
Opp Marsden Rd 9:26am 10:56am 12:56pm 2:26pm 3:56pm
Stoke Dental 9:26am 10:56am 12:56pm 2:26pm 3:56pm
Louission Ave 9:28am 10:58am 12:58pm 2:28pm 3:58pm
Annesbrook Shops 9:30am 11:00am 1:00pm 2:30pm 4:00pm
Opp Douglas Road 9:32am 11:02am 1:02pm 2:32pm 4:02pm
Blackwood Street 9:34am 11:04am 1:04pm 2:34pm 4:04pm
Amber Court Motor Lodge 9:35am 11:05am 1:05pm 2:35pm 4:05pm
Cnr Parkers and Muritai 9:36am 11:06am 1:06pm 2:36pm 4:06pm
Green Street 9:37am 11:07am 1:07pm 2:37pm 4:07pm
Centenial Ave 9:38am 11:08am 1:08pm 2:38pm 4:08pm
Opp Rui Street 9:38am 11:08am 1:08pm 2:38am 4:08pm
Beachcomber Motel 9:39am 11:09am 1:09pm 2:39pm 4:09pm
Tahunanui Beach 9:40am 11:10am 1:10pm 2:40pm 4:10pm
Opp Days Track 9:41am 11:11am 1:11pm 2:41pm 4:11pm
Opp Richardson St 9:43am 11:13am 1:13pm 2:43pm 4:13pm
Yacht Club Carpark 9:45am 11:15am 1:15pm 2:45pm 4:15pm
Custom House Hotel and Backpackers 9:47am 11:17am 1:17pm 2:47pm 4:17pm
Opp Russell St 9:48am 11:18am 1:18pm 2:48pm 4:18pm
Trafalgar Center 9:49am 11:19am 1:19pm 2:49pm 4:19pm
SBL depot/Wakatu Square/Terminus 9:50am 11:20am 1:20pm 2:50pm 4:20pm