Route 6: Nelson > Washington Valley > Tahunanui > Nelson -Weekdays

No weekend or peak hour service.

All local routes (routes 3-6) use a "Hail and Ride" system. That means you don't have to wait at a formal bus stop. You can wave down the bus anywhere along the route where it is safe and legal for the bus to stop. Please make yourself visible to the bus driver.

These times are approximate. Please be at the stop five minutes before the stated time.

Nelson to Tahunanui via Washington Valley

Weekdays AM

Nelson Terminus - Wakatu Sq. 9:35am 11:35am 1:30pm
St Vincent St at Countdown Super Market 9:37am 11:37am 1:32pm
Princes Drive at Lookout 9:42am 11:42am 1:37pm
Bisley Ave at Tahunanui Drive 9:45am 11:45am 1:40pm
Tahunanui Drive at Toswill Rd 9:49am 11:49am 1:44pm
Stansell Ave at Paddys Knob lookout 9:53am 11:53am 1:48pm
Quebec Rd at Montcalm St. 9:57am 11:57am 1:52pm
Nelson Terminus - Wakatu Sq 10:03am 12:03pm 1:58pm
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