Mobility scooter training

New and existing mobility scooter users can get personalised, one-on-one scooter training at heavily subsidised rates through Nelson road safety programmes.

Training is tailored to individual needs and can cover, at a minimum:

  • options for buying a scooter (e.g., lottery grants, using a Disability allowance)
  • finding the right scooter
  • safety and laws about using scooters
  • test drives
  • maintenance and repair know-how for all skill levels
  • information about insurance

Subsidised and personalised

The aim of the course is to teach all users – new and existing – increased confidence and skill in using their scooters.

All training is provided one-on-one to anyone who needs it, but people can make the course fun if they get together with some of their friends. Doing the session as a group can break down some of the barriers that might exist about asking for help.

The subsidy amount covers the cost of a one hour lesson. If a trainer has to travel a long distance, there could be a small cost to the user.

The subsidised sessions are initially a trial using existing community funds. However, if the trial is successful, additional funding will be applied for from the New Zealand Transport Agency so training can continue.


Find out more information by contacting the road safety coordinator in each area.

  • Nelson City: Margaret Parfitt, Road Safety Adviser, +64 3 546 0390