Walking School Bus

Many school communities in Nelson have started their own Walking School Bus programs to encourage changing the way children get to school. Each child who is part of a Walking School Bus is potentially one less vehicle on the road and a Walking School Bus provides many other benefits:

  • a safe and convenient way for children to travel to school
  • heaps of fun while improving the health and wellbeing of children through walking with peers
  • a way for children to learn road sense and traffic safety
  • good for reducing traffic congestion around schools
  • an environmentally friendly option
  • great opportunities for children and parents to develop friendships and a sense of place and community in their neighbourhood

How to join a walking school bus

Talk to your local school office to see if a walking school bus could be available to you.

How to start a walking school bus

The main ingredients for success are people with commitment and enthusiasm to involve others and get the bus moving. If you are interested and has the time to run a school bus even if only for one morning or afternoon a week please contact your school.

All Walking School Bus ‘drivers’ will be equipped with a walking school bus pack and the support you need to run it.