Tahunanui Cycling connections

In 2014/15 Council carried out an initial stage of investigation into creating a cycleway through Tahunanui.  The information on this page relates to the first phase and is provided for background only. Please find the most up to date information on the project here

Please note: The Opus report Tahunanui Cycle Network Investigations, Recommended Solution Delivery 3, May 2015, recommended Route C. This cycle route follows, north to south: Tahunanui Reserve, Golf Road, Parkers Road, Bolt Road to the Coastal Trail at the Airport. Review of this option for progression to the next stage, and consultation has led to a modification of the proposed option. Read the reason for that change here. (61KB PDF)

Background from 2014

Following a workshop with interested parties earlier in 2014, work has been progressing on finding a viable option to close the key missing link in the cycle network once the Rocks Rd walking and cycling facility is constructed.

Currently there are no cycle facility connections between the southern end of the proposed Rocks Rd cycle facilities, the northern end of the Railway Reserve and the northern end of the Whakatu Drive shared paths at Annesbrook roundabout nor the Richmond-Nelson coastal shared path ending at the Bolt Road/Quarantine Road roundabout.

This project has been working on finding the best route through Tahunanui to those who want to feel safe about cycling to work or school.

At the moment Council and consultants are suggesting Option 4 as the preferred route. This would make it the route developed with the funds available in the 2015/16 (design) and 2016/2017 (construction)  financial years. Council is seeking community feedback to confirm this is the best option first. 

Feedback  from the community was invited until Monday 16 March 2015.  A Open Day/Drop in session for questions and discussion on the options was also held.


You can download the map of the preferred routes and the two previous reports below.

Map of possible options (6.1MB PDF)

Tahunanui Cycle Network Investigation Delivery 1 Report (3.2MB PDF)

Opus Investigation of Possible Options Short List of Options Delivery 2 Report - part 1 (658KB PDF)

Opus Investigation of Possible Options Short List of Options Delivery 2 Report - part 2 (7.3MB PDF)

Council report (119KB PDF)

Council Minutes

The excerpt from the minutes of the Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting on 16 October 2014 when the matter was discussed are as follows:

Tahunanui Cycle Network Investigation

Document number A1251007, agenda pages 38-44 refer.

Engineering Adviser, Sue McAuley and Senior Asset Engineer – Transport and Roading, Rhys Palmer joined the meeting.

In response to questions, Ms McAuley advised that in relation to option 4 discussions had not taken place with landowners regarding possible land purchases, and clarified that a sharrow was a shared lane bicycle road marking.

In response to a question, Mr Palmer advised that option 4 would join onto Whakatu Drive and connect to the railway reserve, and that an opportunity for the future would be a link through to Nayland College.

Ms McAuley advised that the loss of carparking would affect 30-35 bays along Beach Road in Tahunanui. She advised that the majority of options affected this parking, and that the cost of option 4 of $0.73 million did not include any land purchases.

In response to a further question, Ms McAuley said that it was proposed to widen the cycleway through Beavens Way, off Muritai Street as there were visibility issues. The cycleway would link to Rocks Road using the existing cyclepath network at Beach Road lights.

There were discussions in relation to the loss of car parking spaces, however it was noted that the parking strategy was currently being considered and that option 4 was the most direct route for cyclists. It was mentioned that Nelson was obtaining the reputation of being cycle friendly and that a loss of some carparks may be acceptable to ensure safe travel for school children.

It was noted that the NZ Cycling Conference was being held in Nelson as it was a progressive cycling region therefore this linkage was important.

THAT the report Tahunanui Cycle Network Investigation, and its attachments be received;
AND THAT approval be given for officers to proceed with the community engagement phase of the study, indicating support for Option 4 as a basis for further development and consultation.
AND THAT the engagement run during November and include an open day at Tahunanui;
AND THAT the outcome be reported back to a future Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting to guide the upcoming LTP.


This project is part of the Walk/Cycle/School package. This package involves Nelson City Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency working together to roll out a number of projects to make it easier to walk and cycle in Nelson.

The Tahunanui Cycling Connections investigation is one of these projects and it contributes to the same set of goals:

  • by making it safer we encourage more people to walk and cycle;
  • extending, developing and linking Nelson’s existing walking and cycling networks;
  • working with schools to make walking and cycling for students easier and safer, helping to reduce peak hour traffic congestion;
  • reducing deaths and serious injuries as a result of road crashes;
  • providing more transport choices, particularly for those with limited access to a car;
  • reducing the adverse environmental effects from land transport;
  • contributing to making communities healthier.