Top tips to help you save money

Part of the money we all pay in rates and water charges goes towards the vital tasks of maintaining the utilities that many of us take for granted. Keeping these systems running smoothly can save all residents money in the long run. There are many actions you can take to help look after our city's vital water, wastewater, and sewerage systems - and to reduce costs, save yourself some inconvenience, and help the environment.

This page will be updated periodically with new ideas - if you have a great idea, share it with us by email.

1 Keep all stormwater drains and intake drills clear

Council does its best to keep the grilled street sumps (drains) free of leaves and rubbish, but it's a massive job. If you have a grill like this near your home, please keep an eye on it and clear it if needed. It only takes a few minutes and can prevent stormwater building up and possibly doing damage to your property.

If you could also look out for intake grills - where open streams and ditches enter the piped stormwater system - that are near your place, these blockages can also lead to flooding.

2 Don't put hot cooking fat down the drain

Hot fat from cooking will congeal and, if put down the kitchen drain, cause a blockage somewhere along the sewer line. Instead, try collecting it in an old plastic container and put it out with your rubbish after it has cooled and set.

3 Those who share drives and rights of way also share water responsibilities

Some folks who live in shared drives or shared rights of way are not aware that they have the responsibility for looking after the water right up to the road. Once it's at the road, it becomes Council responsibility, but if you have a leaky water pipe in the drive, you need to get together with your neighbours to sort it out. Try to get your neighbours together periodically to be sure everyone is looking out for water concerns. If there's any question or confusion, don't hesitate to contact Council and we can check plans and advise.