Water Restrictions FAQ

What can people do if they see someone not complying with the water restrictions?

If you see someone not complying, please contact Council's Customer Services Centre on 546 0200 or email enquiry@ncc.govt.nz. Residents are advised that failure to comply with any water restrictions imposed is an offence under the Council's Water Supply Bylaw.

Why are commercial car washes allowed?

There are no restrictions are in place for businesses yet, but they are asked to make their best efforts to reduce water use as much as possible to protect the water supply for essential use in the long term.

Why is Council allowed to water high-value areas, while I can't use a sprinkler on my lawns or garden?

Watering of sports fields will cease with Stage Three restrictions. Council will continue to water high-value areas such as cricket blocks (which will see out the rest of the season) and those fields that will be too expensive to replace such as Trafalgar Park and Saxton Oval. The hanging baskets will be removed and Council will be hand watering some gardens and high-value heritage trees.