Residential water meter reading

Please check and ensure that the area surrounding and the meter box itself are clear and easily accessible for the meter readers to locate and read. Please move any pot plants that are sitting on the boxes.

The meter readers are allowed to read the meters between 7am and 7pm seven days a week, including Sundays and Public holidays. They will be identifiable by their hi-visibility vests with 'WATER METER READER' and “SMS” on the back. They also carry ID with them, which you may request to view.

The city is divided up into areas, with the meter readers starting in Tahunanui, moving to Stoke, through the town, The Wood, Atawhai and ending at the Glen.

As part of the ongoing maintenance of the meters, some meters will be checked to see if they are still recording accurately. If your meter is being checked the meter reader will let you know if you are at home at the time. If no one is at home, a letter will be left in your letterbox letting you know that Council contractors have been.  The test requires the meter reader to fill a 10-litre bucket with water. If the meter needs to be replaced, the water will be turned off to do this. The whole check usually takes about 10 minutes.

If your meter is not easily accessible for the readers, e.g. behind a locked fence or if you have dogs, please call our Contractor’s help desk on 027 286 7337, so that suitable arrangements can be made to have the meter read. Please be aware that if you don’t make a suitable arrangement or repeated visits are needed to obtain a meter reading, you could be charged a Special Water Meter reading fee. Learn more about water charges information.

Keep an eye on the Our Nelson newsletter for when water meter reading will take place.