QV revaluations, rates decreases and rates remissions  

You may have had a visit from Quotable Value (QV) recently, or will have one in the future, and have some questions as to why they are revaluing properties at this time and whether this is linked to rates remissions. We’d like to clear up any confusion and are here to answer any questions you may have. 

QV is required by law under the Rating Valuations Act 1998 and in accordance with the Rating Valuation Rules, to review the rating valuations of properties that have been physically affected by the August weather event. These revaluations are not commissioned by Nelson City Council. 

When a property’s value has been reviewed by QV, its team of independent valuers may add a note that the property will require an additional inspection to check for remediation at a later date. This has happened before in Nelson, with QV also undertaking this process following the 2011 rain event. Updated values will then take remediation work into account upon its completion.  

As Nelson City Council rates are assessed on land value only, ratepayers with a temporarily reduced land value from QV when rates are set for the next year beginning 1 July 2023 may find that the portion of their rates derived from land value is reduced until such time that remediation has been completed.  

Rates remissions 

What to do if you have received a rates bill with no remission applied  

Some of you may have received a full rates bill and are feeling confused as you have a pending rates remission application. 

Please accept our apologies if this has happened to you. Due to our automated rates billing system, some homeowners received a rates bill prior to being contacted about their remission application. 

Please be reassured that you will not be penalised for not paying your rates bill while we go through the process of applying the remission. All remissions will be backdated to the event. 

If a red or yellow placard remains on your house and you have no indication when you can return 

Please note that for the small number of homeowners that face this situation, Council is looking into any further rates relief that can be offered (in addition to the rates relief policy below). We hope to offer an update on this shortly. Meanwhile, read below for what is currently in place.  

The rates remission policy explained 

Nelson City Council’s rates remissions policy provides a mechanism for Council to grant rates relief following a natural event, to residents, given certain criteria are met. 

At a Council meeting on 22 September 2022 elected members urgently considered how Council could aid Nelson citizens who were most impacted by the August 2022 extreme weather event. Given the severity of damage caused by the rainfall event it was agreed that the August 2022 rainfall event qualifies as a natural calamity event for the purposes of applying the Rates Remission Policy for Land Affected by Natural Calamity. 

Property owners with red and yellow placards that have been unable to access their homes for 30 days or more because of the August weather event are eligible to apply for rates relief. 

What is on offer 

Ratepayers who qualify will receive remissions for services that cannot be used while a property is unable to be occupied – water, wastewater, flood protection, and stormwater. A conservative estimate of the maximum rates remission for 2022/23 is $1,240 per household including GST. 

Remissions will apply as needed for up to five years from the event date, or the date that the land or buildings are deemed inhabitable by Council. 

Under the current policy there is no remission on general rates, as these fund services that are not specific to individual properties and are still able to be accessed (such as roads, libraries, parks, and community facilities). 

What you need to do to get a rates remission 

All eligible property owners should now have been personally contacted and provided with an application form. If you fit this category but have not been contacted by Council, please call 03 546 0200 or email customer.service@ncc.govt.nz