Building consent fees

All Fees apply from 1 July 2019

Prepared by Group Manager Environmental Management Clare Barton

General Information Regarding Building Control Authority Fees and Charges

Other fees and levies may apply to any building consent or certificate of acceptance

Charges for ‘Fixed Fee Building Consents’ do not include ‘Fixed Levies’ (see section 1) or compliance schedules charges (see section 7) where applicable.

Development and financial contributions

Building consents may also incur development and/or financial contributions.

Deposit fee payable at lodgement (based on value of work)

The deposit (full fee) is required at time of lodgement on work valued up to $49,999 for all building work which is not commercial. A deposit is required on all other application lodgements for building work.

Where a residential application deposit is paid, the remainder of the fixed fee must be paid prior to release of the issued building consent.

Due the varied nature of commercial work, these consents are a time charged fee and require a deposit at time of lodgement. Payment for time incurred to date plus the estimated inspections cost will be invoiced when the consent is issued.  Any additional inspections or re-inspections will be charged prior to issue of a code compliance certificate.

 **Limitations of ‘Fixed Fee’ and ‘fair and reasonable time use’ (Section 219(2) of the Building Act 2004)

The ‘Fixed Fee’ system is based on reasonable time to complete processing and inspections.

Poor quality and/or insufficient information requiring additional processing time and/or failed, missed, or additional inspections will likely incur additional costs.  These additional charges will be notified to the agent and owner and must be paid prior to the issue of building consent or code compliance certificate (as applicable).

Additional charges: will be invoiced and must be paid within one month of the invoice date.

All outstanding debts must be paid prior to the issue of a code compliance certificate.

Formal Amendments: All amendments to building consents incur a submission cost and then the hourly rate for Building Officer and administration time incurred over and above the initial fee charged.

Determinations, lapsed consents and consents without code compliance certificates (CCC) will all be charged at hourly rate

Determinations: Preparation of submission(s) for determination prior to signing Form D2 for the Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment.

Lapsed consents: 12 months from the date of issue, the building consent will lapse under section 52 of the Building Act 2004, if work has not commenced.  Consents can be extended, prior to lapsing date, for a further period as approved by the Building Consent Authority.

Code compliance certificates (CCC) that have not been issued within two years: Under section 93 of the Building Act, the Building Consent Authority must decide whether it can issue a code compliance certificate at 24 months from granting date. 

Code compliance certificates (CCC) applications on older properties: Where a consent is over four years old additional work is required to decide if a code compliance certificate can be issued.  This includes meeting with the customer, desk top review of the file, any letters, final inspection, administration time and any other works. Additional costs will be levied (charged per hour) to cover this work.

 1.0 Building Consent Fee Quick Reference Sheet

Please refer to **Limitations above

Fixed Fee** Building Consents (Includes reasonable processing, inspection and administration time, and CCC) Fixed Fee (inc GST) Deposit (inc GST)
New Residential (new complete buildings/ workshops/ houses)
Value – up to and including $200,000 $2,990 $2,000
Value  - $200,001 to $300,000 $3,850 $2,000
Value  - $300,001 to $499,999 $4,750 * $2,000
Value  - $500,000 to $999,999 $6,950 * $2,000
Value  - $1,000,000 to $3,999,999 (deposit) Time charge $7,500
Value  - $4,000,000 or more (deposit) Time charge $9,000
Relocated building $2,000 $2,000
All other building work not commercial including adaptation and alteration (includes other ancillary buildings i.e. new sleep outs, sheds and all retaining walls) to any existing property.
Value  - $2,001 $5000 $500 $500
Value  - $5,001 to $10,000 $850 $850
Value  - $10,001 to $19,999 $1,650 $1,650
Value  - $20,000 to $49,999 $2,000 $2,000
Value  - $50,000 to $99,999 $2,900 $2,000
Value  - $100,000 to $499,999 $4,000 $2,000
Value  - $500,000 to $999,999 $6,950 $2,000
Value  - $1,000,000 to $3,999,999 Time charge $7,500
Value  - $4,000,000 or more  Time charge $9,000
Commercial: All works
Value  - $0 to $19,999 $1,650 $550
Value  - $20,000 to $800,000 Time charge $550
Value  - $800,001 upwards Time charge $2,250

* Excludes multiple unit projects and ‘multi-proof’ consents, estimated costs will be advised before consent is issued

Other Simple Residential and All Marquee Building Consents Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Includes reasonable processing, inspection and administration time, planning check and CCC.  Levies and/or contributions may also be chargeable. Full fee is payable at lodgement of building consent and is non-refundable.

Space heaters – all fuel types (solid fuel burners, solar, wetbacks) and minor residential building works under $2,000 includes one inspection Fees will be charged at the per hour rate for any additional inspections required $350
Marquees > 100m­2


(any size in place for more than 1 month) n


Commercial (20 days to 11 days from proposed construction date)



Express Service For Commercial Marquees

If submitted 10 working days or less from planned construction date Nelson City Council will endeavour to complete but cannot guarantee the issue of consent before construction starts or the sign off of inspections before use.  NOTE – Excludes cost of certificate for public use  

All demolition (full or part building) $450
Swimming pool fencing application - allows for 2 hours processing/administration and 1 inspection $260
Swimming pool (proprietary pre-formed, in ground or above ground) allows for 1 hour processing/administration and 2 inspections

Additional inspections required will be charged at hourly rate of $133/hr

Proprietary garages and carports up to 50m­2 (allows for 3 inspections) $1,350
Bathroom alterations only (allows for 2 inspections)

Wet-floor/wall system inspection are charged separately at $133/hr


n This covers marquees/large tents for private (residential) or commercial functions that are not ordinarily classed as ‘camping tents’

Amendments to Consents Deposit (inc GST)
Amendment deposit – for formal amendment
(after consent granted and before CCC)

Additional related charges may apply e.g. PIM, RMA rechecking, additional inspections. All amendments to issued building consents are charged per hour at appropriate staff hourly rates.

Resource Management Act Check Fixed Fee (inc GST)
Any consent requiring a RMA planning check $300
Levies as required by Building Act 2004 and fixed by legislation $ based on value of work
Insurance Levy (Capped at $10,000,000 estimated value) $20,000 and over $0.75 per $1,000 or part of
Building Research Association New Zealand Levy (BRANZ) $20,000 and over $1.00 per $1,000
Department of Building and Housing Levy (MBIE) $20,000 and over $2.01 per $1,000
Quality Assurance Levy (QA) (capped at $5,000,000 estimated value) $20,000 and over $1.00 per $1,000

2.0Schedule 1: Works for which a Building Consent is Not Required

Schedule 1 Applications – Notification of Exempt Work Fixed Fee (inc GST)
Part 1, 2 and 3 – no assessment by Territorial Authority, application placed on property file $100
Part 1(2)(a) (b) – Requires Territorial Authority assessment and decision. Includes administration. $250

3.0Notice to Fix and Other Enforcement

Enforcement Fixed Fee (inc GST)
Notice to fix (each) issue and administration $150
Other notices (each) issued under Building Act 2004. 

For example: Section 124 notices (except where issued as a result of a natural disaster)

Building Consent Officer time and monitoring of notices issued - charged at hourly rate
Infringement offences and fixed fines as per Building (Infringement Offences, Fees and Forms) Regulations 2007, adopted by Council 19 September 2009

4.0Charge for Hourly Rates of BCA Staff, External Contractors and Meetings

Staff, External Contractors and Meetings Fee (inc GST)
All Building Unit technical/management staff (hourly rate) $133/hr
Building Control Administrators (hourly rate) $100/hr
Technical advice or duty meetings and other meetings with Building Unit staff No fee up to 30 minutes

30 minutes or more $133/hr or part there of

Schedule 1 Building Act 2004 exemptions meeting 30 minutes or more $133/hr or part there of
Pre lodgement meetings (commercial only, over $50,000 estimated value) 30 minutes or more $133/hr or part there of
External consultants engaged by Council to provide expertise not available in house for building consent related peer reviews. At cost notified by external contractor/peer reviewer

5.0Certificates of Acceptance and Unauthorised Building Works 

Certificate of Acceptance Deposit (inc GST)
Certificate of acceptance (COA), section 96 Building Act 2004

Applicants will be charged a $300.00 application fee, plus any processing costs and levies that would have been payable had building consent been applied for before carrying out the work. Any structural checks or other engineering checks, where appropriate will be charged out at cost. The deposit will be a down-payment towards these costs. 

Hourly rate will be charged for all officer and administrator time.

$800 fee (deposit)

Building Officer time at hourly rate will be charged as applicable for the following:

         Insurance, MBIE, BRANZ & QA levies

         Nelson City Council development or financial Contributions

         Compliance schedule fee

Unauthorised Building Works Fixed Fee (Inc GST)
Unauthorised building works reports $100 (lodgement fee)

6.0Registration of Documents with Land Information New Zealand

LINZ Fixed Fee (inc GST)
Section 73 Building Act 2004 $250
Section 75 Building Act 2004 $250
Removal of either section 73 or 75 (or equivalent under the Building Act 1991) $250

7.0Other Services Provided by the Building Unit 

Other Services Fee (inc GST)
Project information memorandum (PIM) (includes certificate)
Document for new construction, additions/alterations (voluntary)
Property information review $100/hr
Compliance schedule – new

plus any additional staff time at hourly rate $133/hr 

$200 each
Compliance schedule – amendment

plus any additional staff time at hourly rate $133/hr 

Building warrant of fitness renewal

plus any additional time to review 12A forms at hourly rate $133/hr

$175 each renewal
Building warrant of fitness back flow preventer only

plus any additional time to review 12A forms at hourly rate $133/hr 

Application fee for alternative solutions assessment $495 (Deposit)
Building code waivers and modifications $250
Application for addition to register of Independent Qualified Persons (IQP) $150 each
Determinations, lapsed consents, section 93 and old code compliance certificate (CCC) at hourly rate $133/hr  $133/hr
Certificate for public use fee (public buildings)

plus staff time at hourly rate $133/hr 

Renewal of certificate for public use (public buildings)

at hourly rate $133/hr

Swimming pool barrier audit under the Building Act 2004 (s162D every 3 years)

plus any additional staff time where non-compliance noted charged at hourly rate $133/hr  


8.0Other Miscellany

Miscellaneous Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Certificate of compliance (District Licensing Agency)

Building code compliance assessment for fire safety and sanitary facilities in a building, prior to an application for a liquor licence

$150 each

Photocopied reports of building consents processed

$135 (per annum)

All photocopying charges

Actual cost from copy service plus administration staff time (at hourly rate)

Debt recovery

Applicant shall be liable for all costs incurred by Council as a result of debt recovery