Other building unit fees

Notice to Fix and other enforcement

Enforcement Fixed Fee (inc GST

Notice to Fix (each) issue and administration


Other Notices (each) issued under Building Act 2004. For example: Section 124 Notices (except Earthquake prone notices)


Building Consent Officer time and monitoring of Notices issued - charged at hourly rate

Infringement Offences and fixed fines as per Building (Infringement Offences, Fees and Forms) Regulations 2007, adopted by Council 19 Sept 2009

Certificates of Acceptance and Unauthorised Building Works

Certificate of Acceptance Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Certificate of Acceptance (COA) Section 96 Building Act 2004

$750 lodgement fee

$200 Certificate issue

All Building Officer time is charged at hourly rate.

The following will be additional time charged as applicable:

Insurance, MBIE, BRANZ & QA levies
Nelson City Council Development or Financial Contributions
Compliance Schedule fee

Unauthorised Building Works Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Unauthorised building works report

$100 lodgement fee

Registration of Documents with Land Information New Zealand

LINZ Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Section 73 Building Act 2004


Section 75 Building Act 2004


Removal of either Section 73 or 75 BA2004 (or equivalent under the BA1991)


Other services provided by the Building Unit  

Other services Fee (inc GST)

Section 37 Certificate

No charge

Project Information Memorandum (PIM) review of information and Certificate administration (fixed fee)


Property Information review


Compliance Schedule
Plus any additional staff time at hourly rate.

$150 each

Compliance Schedule amendment
Plus any additional staff time at hourly rate.

$50 per specified system  

Building Warrant Of Fitness renewal
Plus any additional time to review 12A forms at hourly rate.

$150 each renewal

Application for addition to register of Independent Qualified Persons (IQP’s)

$150 each

Determinations, Lapsed consents, Section 93 and old Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) (hourly rate)


Certificate for Public Use fee (public buildings)
Plus staff time at hourly rate.


Other miscellany

Miscellaneous Fixed Fee (inc GST)

Certificate of Compliance (District Licensing Agency)

Building Code compliance assessment for fire safety and sanitary facilities in a building, prior to an application for Liquor Licence.

$150 each

Register of Suppliers of Producer Statements

Chartered Professional Engineers (CPENG)





Photocopied Reports of Building Consents Processed

$125 (per annum)

ALL Photocopying Charges

Actual cost from copy service plus Administration staff time (hourly rate – section 4)

Debt Recovery

Applicant shall be liable for all costs incurred by Council as a result of debt recovery.

Commencing construction before a building consent is issued and uplifted is in breach of the Building Act 2004 and can result in an infringement fine or other enforcement action.