What is a future development strategy

A Future Development Strategy sets out the long-term picture for future urban growth. It looks out over 30 years – 2018 to 2048.

In the short term (the next 10 years) the plans that we have in place provide enough capacity to meet expected growth. Given how fast we have been growing we are continuing to plan for high growth, but we will monitor and track how and where we are growing to enable us to respond to changing trends. This approach will help us futureproof our strategy.

In the longer term (2029 – 2048) we do not have enough capacity to meet expected demand. That means our focus needs to be on the longer term to ensure that we have enough capacity.

The Future Development Strategy is a high-level strategy; it does not set out the detail of how or where future housing and business areas will be developed. This detail will be developed through a subsequent series of more detailed plans and strategies that the Councils will also consult on.

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Some things to keep in mind

  • There will be more older adults, but under a high growth projection there could also be many more people of working age.
  • Climate change will see sea levels rise and more extreme weather patterns
  • Roads will get busier, so we will need to build up public transport and walking and cycling networks
  • Types of infrastructure may change, for example, rather than reliance on large networks such as centralised wastewater treatment, there may be more small scale, locally based systems
  • How and where people work may change
  • Different models of housing and living arrangements may become more desirable
  • Housing needs to be more affordable for people on low to moderate incomes