Saxton Creek Upgrade – Stage 4B

APPLICATION NUMBER: RM215097 – RM215101, RM215116 and RM215117
APPLICANT: Nelson City Council 
LOCATION: 142 Saxton Road, 923 Main Road Stoke, Main Road Stoke, 910 Main Road Stoke, 5/7 Kotua Place, Wakatu Drive (SH6) and Coastal Marine Area (CMA)
PROPOSAL: Resource Consents are sought to authorise the activities associated with the installation of a new culvert along Saxton Creek (replacing the existing culverts), widening the open channel between Main Road Stoke and Whakatu Drive and the construction of a new culvert inlet structure and associated realignment of the culvert intake upstream of Main Road Stoke.

The purpose of the work is to enable Saxton Creek to accommodate and discharge catchment flows up to a 1 in 100-year storm event predicted to occur in the year 2100, including consideration of sea-level rise.