Navigational safety bylaw

Nelson City Council has reviewed its Navigation Safety Bylaw 2012 (No.218) and proposes to amend it.

The Council would like to know what you think of the proposed changes. The purpose of the bylaw is to ensure the safety of all users of Nelson’s navigable waterways – the coastal waters and rivers.

Since the Bylaw came into effect on 1 December 2012 the most relevant maritime rules, Part 91 Navigation Safety Rules made under the Maritime Transport Act 1994, have been amended three times. Maritime New Zealand safety campaigns have also joined forces with Harbourmaster activities in the country to educate and enforce consistent safety messaging.

The current Bylaw includes provisions that need changing to reflect current best practice to ensure the safety of people using the sea and rivers and to reduce the conflicts between different activities. The Bylaw also duplicates provisions from other instruments and can be streamlined to provide clearer navigation safety requirements.

Statement of Proposal Proposed changes to the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2012 (16MB PDF)

Consultation has closed.