Regional Landfill

Submissions on the draft Regional Landfill Proposal have now closed. A hearing of submitters will be held on Tuesday 2 September.


The Council sought public comment on the proposed acceptance of residual waste from Tasman District Council transfer stations at York Valley. Implementation of an agreement to establish York Valley as the regional landfill will entail the following:

  • Residual waste from Tasman District transfer stations will be received at York Valley.
  • Tasman District Council will be charged the published landfill charge for material disposed of at York Valley.
  • Tasman District Council will continue to maintain Eves Valley Landfill so that the residual capacity of Eves Valley will be available as a contingency in the event of a natural disaster making York Valley in-operable.
  • The next generation regional landfill will be the subject of a comprehensive study, in the next decade.
  • No rates funding will be required from Nelson City Council residents to support the solid waste activity.
  • Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council will continue to support waste management and minimisation initiatives through the recovery of a local waste disposal levy applied to residual waste disposed of at York Valley.
  • Nelson City Council will compensate Tasman District Council for the loss of revenue resulting from suspending landfill operations at the Eves Valley landfill.
  • A fund will be established to manage/mitigate potential risks of fluctuating landfill charges and funded by the two councils on an equal basis.
  • Landfill surpluses will be shared with Tasman District Council and will be used at the discretion of individual councils for the benefit of their residents.
  • The Regional Landfill at York Valley will continue to be managed by Nelson City Council.

 Download the Statement of Proposal for Implementation of a Regional Landfill here (52KB PDF)

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