RM145021 - Gibbons Holdings Limited

Publicly Notified Resource Consent

Application Number: RM145021

APPLICANT: Gibbons Holdings Limited

LOCATION: 291 Wakefield Quay, Nelson

PROPOSAL: To erect a banner sign

Land Use Consent (RM145021)

  • To erect a banner sign requiring resource consent under rule AP20r.5 ‘Property sale and Development signs’

More Information / Downloads

Submissions close at 5pm on 22 April 2014.

Who can make a submission?

Any person may make a submission to the Council on a resource consent application that has been publicly notified.

What's involved in making a submission?

Any submission shall:

  • Be in writing or by using the form below.
  • Be served on the Nelson City Council, PO Box 645, Nelson, no later than the closing date specified in the public notice (20 working days after the date of notification).
  • Also be served on the applicant as soon as possible after serving the submission on the Council.

What should be included in a submission?

State the reasons for making the submission and the decision that the person wishes the Council to make (ie, grant or refuse consent) and the general nature of any conditions sought. Whether or not the person making the submission wishes to be heard in respect of the submission.