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Pre-election report 2019

This pre-election report is designed to provide information for the community and individuals considering standing for election to Council in 2019.

The report is required by law (the Local Government Act 2002). It is the responsibility of the local authority to provide an overview of the Council's position prior to the local body elections in October 2019.

It is intended to encourage community discussion about the issues facing the Council and support an informed election debate.

The report draws on Council's Shaping Nelson's Future Long Term Plan 2018/2028 as well as annual plans and annual reports from the past three years.

The financial information is required to show whether the Council has met its financial targets and stayed within the approved limits contained within the Long Term Plan. It also provides projected financial information for the next three years.
Much of the financial information in this report is drawn from sources that have been audited, such as annual reports. However, information relating to the 2018/19 year is yet to be audited and is based on estimated data. (There is no requirement for this to be audited for this pre-election report.)

Download the Nelson City Council Pre-election Report 2019 (21MB PDF)