14 Feb 2022 — 31 May 2023

Temporary Road Closure - Pioneer Crescent

GIS 2022 Hastings Pioneer Road Closure Pedestrian Detour Notice of Temporary Works 04Feb2022

Nelson City Council has received a proposal from Tasman Civil to temporarily close the following road to ordinary traffic between the dates listed below:

Pioneer Crescent – Entire Length

Date and time of scheduled closure:
7:00 am Monday 14 February to 8:00 pm Wednesday 31 May 2023. Closed all day and all night.

The closure is for a stormwater upgrade.

Note: Hastings Street will remain closed for the same duration listed above (as previously advertised and approved)

There will be no on-street parking permitted during the closure but there will be some limited parking provided for residents in Pioneer Park.

Vehicle access to the properties will be maintained except while works are in the Pioneer/Hastings intersection.

Pedestrian access to the properties will be provided at all times for residents.

The footpath on Washington Road will be closed but pedestrians will be detoured using pathways in Pioneer Park.

Couriers and home help will need to use the limited parking provided at Pioneer Park while there is no access.

Rubbish bins are to be placed outside properties by 7:00 am as usual. We will make provisions to assist the collectors with picking them up and returning them to the properties.

Nelson City Council would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience and understanding when road closures occur.