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Community Partnership Activity Management Plan

Executive Summary

This is the first Activity Management Plan created for Community Partnerships activity. The purpose of this plan is to guide Council in its funding of, support and management of social development and community partnerships in the Nelson community.

Community Partnerships activity is guided by Council Outcomes and the Social Wellbeing Policy 2011. Current activity can be broadly grouped into the following areas: young people, older adults, city safety, employment and education, community liaison and support and community assistance. Levels of activity within these areas vary considerably. Rates funded community partnerships activity is approximately $920,000. The bulk of this expenditure (around 50%) is provided for Community funding including Community Investment Funding and existing grant agreements. From time to time Council responds to proposals put forward through the Annual or Long Term Plan consultation process and agrees to fund new community partnership activity. An example of this is where Council, through the Long Term Plan is supporting the partnership with the Warm Up New Zealand Healthy Homes scheme.

Other initiatives occur as a result of central government funding managed through local bodies. Currently this includes activity resulting from Ministry of Youth Development funding for a Youth Volunteering project and Heritage photography initiative. However, many community partnerships are the result of the annual Community Assistance funding process. Community partnerships can span more than one area of Council activity.

Changes made through the Long Term Plan changed the name of the funding to ‘Community Investment Funding’ and a change in focus towards social development, and Council recognising that its role is in setting the purpose, process and a financial contribution for community investment.

Setting of the strategic outcomes of the fund in future years will be in consultation with the community and key agencies and funders, to inform the purposes for which the Community Investment Fund should be applied.

Council has the opportunity through this Activity Management Plan to set priorities or specific themes in the area of expenditure and service delivery, for example taking into consideration demographic trends and geographical needs. Community needs are changing, and Council needs to be informed of this when responding to the demands for community support.

Community Partnerships Activity Management Plan FINAL - 2015-25 (219KB PDF)