Esplanade and Foreshore Reserves Management Plan

Operational July 2008

The Esplanade and Foreshore Reserves Management Plan is now operational, having been approved by Council and the Nelson/Marlborough Conservator on behalf of the Minister of Conservation.

Purpose of the Plan

A management plan is a working document which:

  • Provides the foundation on which all future reserve management will be undertaken
  • Publicly states the objectives and policies for the management of an area
  • Briefly outlines how these objectives and policies will be achieved
  • Acts as a reference point for integrated consistent management
  • Is a reference source for information on reserve areas


Council has prepared a draft Management Plan for all esplanade, foreshore and island reserves within the Nelson area.  (Excluding Tahunanui Beach, already covered by the Tahunanui Reserve Management Plan 2004.) Prior to the development of the plan, Council asked the public for contributions to the draft plan and received seven submissions.

The reserves to be included from north to south are:

  • Teal Valley Esplanade Reserve
  • Wakapuaka River Esplanade Reserves
  • Paremata Flats Reserve
  • Cable Bay Estuary Esplanade Reserve
  • Wakapuaka Sandflats
  • Haven Estuary Margins
  • Todd Valley Esplanade Reserve
  • Oldham Stream (Corder Park & Frenchhay Reserves)
  • Brook Stream Reserves
  • Maitai River Reserves Nelson Marina Margins
  • Saltwater Creek  Esplanade Reserve
  • Haulashore Island
  • Awatea Place Esplanade Reserve
  • Jenkins Stream Esplanade Reserve
  • Arapiki Stream
  • Airport Peninsular Reserve
  • Whakatu Drive Foreshore Reserve
  • Poormans Stream Esplanade Reserve
  • Point Road Foreshore Reserve
  • Monaco Seafront Reserve
  • Oyster Island
  • Orchard Stream Esplanade Reserve
  • Orphanage Stream Esplanade Reserve

Maps showing the exact location of these reserves are available at Civic House and all Nelson City Council libraries.


Download the Esplanade and Foreshore Reserves Management Plan (18MB PDF)


Community Policy and Planning Adviser on +64 3 545 8742.