Saxton Field Reserve Management Plan

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Adopted 28 August

The Community Services Committee adopted the Saxton Field Reserve Management Plan at its meeting of 28 August 2008. The plan was also adopted by Tasman District Council on 17 September.


Jointly drafted by Nelson City and Tasman District Councils, the plan sets out the objectives and policies for managing the 65 hectares of recreation reserve at Saxton Field.

Management plan in place

Saxton Field now has an approved plan that will guide the park’s development for the next ten years.

The Saxton Field Reserve Management Plan has been approved by Nelson City and Tasman District Councils after cooperative efforts to draft a working document, public consultation, and input from current and potential users.

A Joint Working Party made up from both Councils has been collaborating for many years to develop the park for the benefit of the region’s residents. Not only will the park provide grounds for many different sports, but there will also be plenty of informal recreational uses from picnicking to rollerblading.

The vision for the park is to provide an iconic regional park and green space, and the plan lays out the aims that must be achieved in order to realise the vision.

Green space protection

Ever since the 1970s and 80s when Councils were acquiring land and planning for its use, Saxton Field has been seen as a key area of open space separating the two fast-growing urban areas of Nelson and Richmond. Councils have been very careful to keep that original goal in mind as they drafted this plan. A number of principles in the plan emphasise open space protection, including the importance of minimising the amount of land covered in buildings and hard surfaces. Another important step Councils have taken is classifying all the land they own at Saxton Field as Recreation Reserve and giving it legal protection under the Reserves Act.

Healthy lifestyles

In keeping with its role as a sports and recreation facility, one of the objectives both Councils were keen to set for Saxton Field was for it to support healthy lifestyles. A major change this will bring is smokefree status for the entire park, both indoors and outdoors.

Sustainable management

Sustainability was always high on the agenda. A separate section in the plan was written just for sustainability policies. These policies cover ideas such as eco-friendly building design, recycling water, swales and rain gardens to manage stormwater and how to improve the habitat in the two creeks that pass through Saxton Field. As sustainable practices are established at Saxton Field, Councils plan to set up educational panels to showcase environmental best practice to the public.


One advantage of the joint Councils approach is that Saxton Field will be governed in a consistent way without regard to whether land is owned by Nelson or Tasman. Policies and standards will apply across the whole park. Other local authorities around the country have been interested to see how our innovative joint management method can work as a model for them.


Download the complete Saxton Field Reserve Management Plan (771KB PDF).


For questions about the Saxton Field Management Plan, contact Manager Community Policy and Planning on +64 3 546 0420.


saxton-field-reserve-mgt-plan-2008.pdf (pdf, 771 KB)