Draft Nelson-Tasman Joint Land Development Manual Feedback

Comments are due by Monday 22 August 2016.

This page outlines the project to create the draft Nelson-Tasman Land Development Manual.

Please note that the document is draft and technical drawings are not included.

What is the Nelson-Tasman Land Development Manual?

The Nelson–Tasman Land Development Manual (NTLDM) will replace previous engineering design standards of both the Nelson City Council (the Land Development Manual 2010) and the Tasman District Council (Engineering Standards 2013).

The NTLDM is designed to give effect to each Council’s Resource Management Plans by providing acceptable design solutions to Developers, Designers and Asset Managers.

This combined document covers both the Nelson and Tasman regions and is intended to provide consistent minimum standards and guidance for development across the region.

Where are we at?

Work on the Land Development Manual (LDM) update is continuing, following feedback from the public and industry stakeholders. A final draft is nearing completion and will be subject to a review by the LDM steering group (consisting of selected NCC and TDC councillors, as well as developer and surveying representatives).

The final draft will be released as part of the Nelson Resource Management Plan review in early 2018, and will be in conjunction with an associated plan change of the Tasman Resource Management Plan.  Consultation and an opportunity for public submissions will be available at that time.

For further information you can contact Maxine Day (maxine.day@tasman.govt.nz) or Dugald Ley (dugald.ley@tasman.govt.nz) at Tasman District Council; or Lisa Gibellini (lisa.gibellini@ncc.govt.nz) at Nelson City Council.

Stakeholder Workshop - 6 July 2016

A workshop was held with the development community on 6 July 2016 to discuss significant changes in the standards and to provide an opportunity for feedback.

Public consultation on the draft

Following receipt of feedback, the draft will be further refined. Both Councils will then notify the draft under clause 35 of the first schedule to the RMA, seeking formal comments on the proposal to externally reference the NTLDM as part of both councils resource management plans.

Public notification of plan proposed change

Following consideration of comments as a result of consultation, both Councils will then seek to publicly notify the NTLDM as a plan change and for Nelson this will align with the Nelson Plan Review.


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