Coastal and Marine Environment

Takutai Moana

Council is committed to ensuring that natural and amenity values and public access to our coastal areas are maintained and enhanced, and that impacts of natural hazards and reclamation are minimised.

The people of Whakatū Nelson identify strongly with the coastal marine area and are intimately concerned with its present state. This is clear from feedback during the November 2015 round of public engagement on the Nelson Plan review.

Whakatū Nelson’s coastal marine area is strongly influenced by the way in which land and freshwater in ‘upstream’ environments are managed. The community expressed particular concern about the effects of land management and stormwater discharges on coastal waters. Some concern was also expressed about the state of our fisheries, which are managed by the Government.

Both the landward and seaward components of the wider coastal environment are influenced by the way in which development of the coast is managed. The effects of coastal erosion and inundation are likely to be exacerbated by sea level rise in the coming decades. Access to the coast and marine waters is vital for Whakatū Nelson residents and visitors alike, but in some locations may be impractical due to physical or operational constraints. In other locations, the experience of accessing the coastal edge could be improved.

All this demands an integrated approach to the management of the coastal marine area, one that crosses the landward boundary, in recognition of the impact that land uses have. Agencies that have responsibilities in the coastal marine area, including the Council, must work effectively together to ensure that the objectives outlined in the draft Regional Policy Statement are achieved.

Are the issues and suggested direction for managing our coastal and marine environment as set out in the draft RPS comprehensive, appropriate and proportional?


Download the Coastal and Marine Environment chapter of the Draft RPS (1.5MB PDF)

Download the full Draft RPS (2.4MB PDF)

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