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Coastal Hazards

Some of Nelson’s urban development is situated along Whakatū Nelson’s coastline, including near estuaries and other low lying coastal areas.

Give Feedback These areas are at risk from naturally occurring coastal erosion, storms and flooding which can cause property damage, loss of life, environmental degradation or threaten other values.

Council is developing a strategy on how we manage these coastal hazards  To help us write the strategy we are asking you to give us feedback on what you know about how the coast has changed over your lifetime, what major events you remember and what you know and value about our coastal features.

We’re interested in stories, newspaper clippings, family photos and videos, diaries and any other information you may have.

This information will be used to help us build a full picture of what’s been happening on Nelson’s coastline, and will be very useful as we plan for development for the future

Have your say about how we respond to Coastal Hazards. Visit our coastal hazards hub to share any information you have about flooding and erosion along our coasts.

Adapting to Coastal Hazards in Nelson – let’s work together

Nelson City Council is working to better understand coastal erosion and coastal flooding (inundation). We now want your help to create a strategy for how we respond to these coastal hazards.

You have the opportunity to share your knowledge, thoughts and ideas, by coming along to our public events and workshops, via an online platform and by getting in touch with us directly. We’ll also keep you updated about our processes via our website, through local media and an e-mail newsletter.

The impacts of climate change and sea level rise

Climate change - is it affecting our coasts?

One of the key influences on future sea level rise and the frequency and magnitude of coastal hazards will be changes to the temperature of the earth’s surface, which is strongly influenced by global greenhouse gas emissions.

Records indicate that sea level in Nelson has risen by an average of 1.52mm/year since the early 1900s.

Science predicts that sea level will continue to rise in the future and that there will be increased rainfall, extreme weather events like droughts and storms, and coastal hazards like floods, erosion and storm surges.

We can’t predict when and how these events will occur, how big they will be and what effect they will have on our community, environment and landscapes, so any future planning has to take this uncertainty into account.

More information

To find out more about coastal hazards, where the strategy development process is at and how you can be involved:

Get in touch with us directly via e-mail or call us on 03 546 0200