Partnership with Whakatu's Iwi

Treaty Settlements

In 2014, the eight Iwi of Te Tau Ihu settled claims with the Crown for breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi. Treaty settlement legislation addresses historic breaches of the Treaty through an apology, a range of acknowledgments, and the transfer of Crown-owned land parcels to claimants. The iwi authorities that reached settlements are:

  • Ngati Apa ki Te Ra To Trust;
  • Ngati Koata Iwi Trust;
  • Ngati Kuia Iwi Trust;
  • Ngati Rarua Iwi Trust;
  • Ngati Tama ki Te Wai Pounamu Trust;
  • Te Atiawa o Te Waka a Maui Trust;
  • Te Runanga a Rangitane o Wairau; and
  • Te Runanga o Ngati Toa Rangatira.

More information on settlements can be found in the NZ Government's Office of Treaty Settlement website, where individual Iwi can be easily searched for to find Deeds of Settlement and other information.

Statutory Acknowledgements

The Treaty settlements include a Statutory Acknowledgment for each iwi, recognising the particular cultural, spiritual, historical and traditional association of an Iwi with the identified site/area. This type of redress enhances the ability of the Iwi to participate in specified RMA processes. Each Statutory Acknowledgment includes a Statement of Association which states the Iwi’s particular cultural, spiritual, historical, and traditional association with identified areas.

Statutory Acknowledgments are to be read as attachments to RMA Plans. See more information on Statutory Acknowledgments.

A GIS map showing the Treaty settlement areas for each Iwi can be found on the Marlborough District Council website.

Iwi Management Plans

It is a requirement under the RMA that whenever a council prepares a policy statement or plan it must take into account any relevant planning document recognised by an iwi authority.

The following is a list of Iwi Management Plans lodged with the Council.

  • Ngati Kuia Pakohe Management Plan 2015
  • Ngati Rarua, Rangitira, Te Atiawa, Ngati Koata, Ngati Tama 2004
  • Ngati Koata IMP 2002
  • Te Tau Ihu Mahi Tuna (Eel Management Plan) 2000
  • Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust Environmental Management Plan 2018

Download the Iwi Management Plans.