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Private Plan Change 28 - Maitahi Bayview

Nature of Request:

To rezone approximately 287-hectares of land located within Kaka Valley, along Botanical Hill and Malvern Hill, from:

  • Rural; and
  • Rural-Higher Density Small Holdings Area,


  • Residential (Higher, Standard and Lower Density Areas);
  • Rural-Higher Density Small Holdings Area;
  • Open Space Recreation; and
  • Suburban Commercial,

along with a number of integrated changes to associated provisions of Volumes I, II and III of the Nelson Resource Management Plan.

Further Submissions closed 25 February 2022.

Private Plan Change Documents as Notified

Plan Change documents

Attachments A – Records of Title

Attachments B – Structure Plan and Planning Maps

Attachments C – Technical Assessments

Attachments C11. Consultation Feedback

Attachments D – Section 32 Evaluation


Copies of the Private Plan Change Documents

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