Maitai Ecological Restoration Plan

The Maitai River and riparian corridor is an area with significant ecological and cultural values in the Nelson Region.

The Maitai / Mahitahi / Maitahi river meanders through the Maitai valley before flowing through the Nelson city centre into the Nelson haven estuary. The upper Maitai valley is still representative of the old-growth forest that was historically dominant in the area, but nearer the urban centre of Nelson City the proportion of modified land use increases.

Nelson City Council engaged Morphum Environmental to develop an Ecological Restoration Plan (ERP) for the Maitai River Esplanade. The overall objective of the ERP is to guide restoration efforts to protect and enhance the biodiversity values of the river and the riparian corridor. This ERP details priority Enhancement Opportunities and guidance on how the Maitai River Esplanade may be managed to meet this objective.

The ERP has a 10-year timeframe, with more detail and focussed actions on council managed land in the first five years.