What's Happening 2017-18

Project Maitai/Mahitahi is now into its fourth year. This year will see the construction of a major legacy project – a wetland at Groom Creek in the Maitai Valley.

We’ll also continue to focus on improving our urban water quality through public engagement and education. Riparian planting and Cyanobacteria work will continue. We have some exciting community projects planned for York Stream/Te Wairepo, and we’ll be installing more educational signage and creating an interactive story map that pulls all the Project Maitai work together.

If you’d like to know more about these projects please contact the Project Manager susan.moore-lavo@ncc.govt.nz

victory community diagrams

Te Wairepo/York Stream Focus

Description: Improving York Stream water quality and fish habitat by identifying and removing pollutants and litter, and improving riparian management, fish passage, and community stream care activity

Objective: York Stream is a better habitat for aquatic life and is safe for children to play in, and local stream care groups play a key role in its management.

Actions: Working with the Victory community to clean up the stream catchment and to become more aware of the stream as a member of the community; Improve fish passage by removing barriers.

urban water quality drain

Urban Water Quality

Description: Building community awareness of personal actions that can help reduce urban stream pollution.

Objective: Our city streams are free of pollutants from preventable sources, such as litter, wastewater, pet waste, heavy metals, fine sediment, petrochemicals, detergents, pesticides, fertilisers, paint and industrial pollutants.

Actions: Know Your Streams and Urban Water Cycle communications and engagement will invite people to explore, understand and take ownership of their local stream, and to care for it by not polluting it.

riparian managment planting

Riparian Management

Description: A focus on planting and protecting the rare or iconic species of the Maitai eg, Phyllocladus trichomanoides, Teucridium parvifolium; Scutellaria novae zelandiae, and Brachiglottis sciadophila.

Objective: Streamside planting and vegetation management in the Maitai catchment supports both Project Maitai/Mahitahi and Nelson Nature objectives, and provides opportunities for the public to get involved.

Actions: Continue working with school groups and Friends of the Maitai on riparian management – planting, weed control, fish and wildlife habitat establishment.

groom creek wetland

Groom Creek Wetland

Description: Restoring and planting a wetland area at the base of Groom Creek, where it enters the Maitai/Mahitahi River, to filter out nutrients and sediment from the Groom Creek catchment.

Objective: Nutrient and sediment run off from the Groom Creek catchment is prevented from entering the Maitai River, and biodiversity in the Maitai Valley is enhanced, by the restoration of a wetland at the base of Groom Creek.

Actions: Stage one of the work, site clearing and earthworks construction, will take place between November and Christmas. Work will stop over the busy summer months, to minimise disturbance to the Maitai Campground next door and will start again in early March, with completion expected by April 2018.

Planting in the buffer zone behind the wetland and on its fringes.

toxic algae public display

Cyanobacteria (Toxic Algae) Investigation

Description: Managing Cyanobacteria (toxic algae) risk to dogs and humans, and finding out what causes Cyanobacteria blooms so those factors can be targeted.

Objective: Improved community awareness of cyanobacteria risk to dogs, and a better understanding of factors influencing cyanobacteria blooms.

Actions: Continue with cyanobacteria research and Dog’s Breakfasts.

toxic algae public display


Description: Engaging with the community through signage, media, events and activities to educate and inform, and to encourage participation, behaviour change and commitment to stream care and restoration.

Objective: The community know about and are supportive of Project Maitai/Mahitahi, understand that caring for our river is everyone’s job and not just a ‘Council project’, and know what they can personally do to contribute to the goal.

Actions: Keep Cups project, Maitai River biodiversity signage, Story map.

Regular Updates

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