Rural fencing grants

Nelson City Council offers Fencing Grants that provide rural landowners with a contribution toward the cost of fencing for:

  • Riparian margins to prevent incursions by stock
  • Some areas of existing stands of significant vegetation may be eligible for fencing assistance

A Grant may be provided toward the cost of fencing, and in some cases can also include costs of associated items such as gates or water troughs. Council can also supply native, eco-sourced plants for riparian margins.

The grant for riparian margins includes all waterways including springs, drains, ponds and seepage areas, and even areas that may be dry for a month or two over summer.

Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis, with the level of subsidy available based on the most appropriate type of fencing for each situation.

The best form of fencing will be dependent upon the site and the stock involved. In many situations, a single hot wire, which is put in place when the stock are in the affected paddocks, can be a cost-effective and efficient system.

Other alternatives include electric fences consisting of one or more wires or post and batten fences.

If you wish to apply for a grant toward the cost of your proposed fencing, please contact the Council and ask to speak with Susan Moore-Lavo, Environmental Programmes Advisor or contact at