How to use this website

Our website is intended to make finding information about services provided by Nelson City Council straightforward and logical. This page provides guidance on how to make the most of the site and its navigation features.

The Council has more than a thousand pages of relevant local and regional information available. The aim of our website is to provide you with as much information as possible 24 hours a day so that you can easily access our services.


The site has been broken into sections featured on the top in a horizontal menu. If you click on that section, you'll be taken to a portal page explaining the contents of that portion of the site, and the navigation on that site will also appear in the top navigation. Breadcrumbs are also available at the top of every page so you know where you are located within the site.

You can always click 'Home' to be taken back to the Nelson City Council home page.


The search engine is available at the very top of the website in a white rectangular box. Simply place your cursor in the box, click, and type.

The search works just like an internet seach engine and will look for keywords in all sections of the website. The website's search engine is very dynamic and can pick up many related keywords, but always try to make your search as specific as possible because if you just use a common word you may get hundreds of results.

Put your phrase in quotes to get an exact match, for example "Land Information Memorandum".

If you don't find your desired page the first time, try thinking of other words to search by. For example, rubbish disposal or waste disposal.

Site index

The site index is located at the top right corner of every web page and is broken down alphabetically for you to locate every page by letter if you choose. Simply click on the letter grouping containing the pages/subject you are looking for.


This site has been designed to work with web browsers that support current World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for document markup and style sheets. Some older web browsers that do not correctly support these standards may have problems displaying pages correctly.

We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 5.5 and above) or Mozilla Firefox (versions 1.0 and above) for Windows, and Safari (versions 1.0 and above) or Mozilla Firefox (versions 1.0 and above) for Mac OS X. All of these browsers are available to download free of charge from the following links:

Screen Resolution

How a web page will look varies on different screens. The screen is made up of a number of dots (pixels). This site is designed for viewing at 1024 x 768 pixels. By increasing your screen resolution you will see more of each page on screen but it will appear smaller.

Adjust the size of the text

You can adjust the size of the text to make it more readable, without adjusting your screen resolution. Check your browser Help file for instructions; for Windows Internet Explorer press CTRL + to increase text size. Likewise, CTRL - to decrease.

Viewing documents

The site contains documents which are presented in a downloadable file format called PDF. To view this content you will require a file viewer. Use the link below to download a free file viewer for the document formats used on this website. Download a free PDF document viewer.

Still need help?

We’re not perfect! Please tell us if you’re experiencing difficulties finding your way around the site and need some help. You can contact Council in a variety of ways.