Making a formal complaint

Thank you for taking the first step to help us resolve issues and improve how we do things. Let us know if you are pleased with our services and if something goes wrong so we can put it right.

Make a suggestion,
compliment or complaint
Make a complaint if you believe Council service or facility have not been up to expected standards, timeframes, or if you think Council has acted contrary to policies, bylaws, regulations or legislation; including issues with our processes, procedures or conduct.

Your feedback is important to us. Our feedback and complaint process ensures we record all feedback, act promptly to resolve any issues and keep you informed of progress. We are committed to addressing your concerns. We will be open and honest about mistakes and any improvements that may be needed.

How to make a suggestion, compliment or complaint

Online Use our suggestion, compliment or complaint form
In person Visit our Customer Service Centre on the corner of Halifax and Trafalgar Streets
By telephone Call 03 546 0200, 24 hours, 7 days a week
By email
Please include as much information as possible and attach any supporting information including letters.
By post Nelson City Council
PO Box 645
Nelson 7040


When we receive your complaint we will:

  1. Record all the details, including your contact details so we can get back to you
  2. Write to confirm we have received it within four working days
  3. Investigate each complaint
  4. Get back to you with the result within ten working days of acknowledging receipt, or we will contact you if more time is needed and let you know when you can expect a response.

The next step

You can choose to contact the Office of the Ombudsman if you still consider the matter hasn’t been settled after making a complaint and hearing back from Council. The Ombudsman deal with public complaints about central and local government organisations, including the release of official information. Ensure to lodge your complaint with us first. The Ombudsman may decide not to investigate if you have already raised your concern with the relevant organisation and given it the opportunity to put it right.

Contact the Ombudsman

Freephone 0800 802 602
Please include a phone number in your email so we can contact you if necessary

Reporting Alleged Fraud

We would like to hear if you have any concerns about alleged fraud, corruption or dishonesty by Nelson City Council Officers, Councillors or fraudulent activity involving council property or resources. Council's Fraud Prevention Policy sets out our expectations in order to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity when acting on behalf of Nelson City Council. It applies equally to the Council; all Council officers; all Council employees - whether permanent or temporary; and to any contractor who undertakes actions on behalf of Council.

If you are unhappy contacting Council directly, a complaint can be made using Whistleblowers Hotline, an anonymous and independent reporting service, on 03 539 0255 (24 hours).

Any allegations of dishonesty will be treated seriously. They will be objectively and thoroughly investigated by a dedicated internal investigations team in line with Nelson City Council’s Complaint and Feedback Policy.