Umbrella Market

 Event finished.

 Event finished.

Sat 22 January, 10am-12pm
1903 Square, Upper Trafalgar Street, Nelson

After two postponements, we're giving it another go!

An opportunity for young people aged 8 years to 16 years old to sell their toys, books, and other items they no longer use in the lead-up to Christmas.

Each child brings a standard rain umbrella which will be opened and placed upside down on the ground to contain their items for sale inside, which becomes their “market space”.

Though each child will be supervised by their parent, it is not an opportunity for adults to sell goods, but one that allows the child to run their Umbrella Market stall.

 This market is an opportunity for young people to better learn about:

  • Money and its value
  • Sale and purchase of goods
  • Negotiating skills around price of items
  • Interacting with others to help build self confidence
  • Appreciation for what other people can afford to pay for a product
  • Learning about recycling products for others to benefit and enjoy

Or if selling isn't your thing, bring along your pocket money and get ready to grab some bargains!