Golf tournaments and events

A man tees off at the top of a fairway overlooking trees and hills.

The professional staff is available to help plan your tournament or event and arrange any extra-curricular activities you may wish to include in the program.

Tournament fees

There are two options depending on the size of your group and the type of event you would like.

Groups with 13 to 36 players

For smaller groups that do not wish to rent the entire course, a lower fee structure is available. Groups pay a single fee so the organizer is responsible for collecting and aggregating fees into a single payment. Events using the group rate start from the first tee only


Winter (1 April to 31 October) – $ 7.70 per person

Summer (1 November to 31 March)  –  $ 15.40 per person

All Day Hire

All day hire weekdays: $1,000
All day hire weekends/public holidays: $1,200

Half days will be charged at a pro rata rate.


If your company re-markets products or services produced by others, you can often ask suppliers to help sponsor your event. Including their logos in your invitations and posting signage on the day of your event is an efficient and smart way for your partners to use their advertising and promotion budgets. If your suppliers have give-aways (tee shirts, caps, etc.), you should have them provide a supply to use as prizes or in your tournament kits (bags of give-aways you present to your guests). 

Charity tournaments

Charity golf tournaments are a popular and easy fundraising event for civic groups, churches, clubs, fraternal organizations, sporting groups and NGO’s.  And Waahi Taakaro is the perfect venue for charity golf tournaments.

Our professional staff can help you organize and plan your charity golf tournament, from marketing the player spots and finding sponsors to the delivery of your event.  Let us help you create a fun and exciting event which your attendees will long remember. 

Tournament planning assistance

The staff at Waahi Taakaro stand ready to assist our corporate and charity tournament customers.  We will be pleased to meet with you at any time. To assist you further, review the following information when planning your corporate golf event. 

Tournament Planning Guide

An A to Z guide on all of the planning issues that create a top quality tournament.

Ambrose Format Explained

Download a thorough description of the popular Ambrose playing format for corporate and charity tournaments (95KB PDF).

Scoring Methods Explained


The actual number of strokes required to complete the round is entered as the score. 


Handicaps are deducted from the gross scores.  For instance, if the team handicap in an Ambrose format is six (6), and the gross score was 72, the net score would be 66.


After deducting any handicap strokes allowed, a numerical value is placed on the result based on the relation to par.  The total of those hole numerical values is your Stableford Score.

Your earn Stableford points in the following amounts:

  • Eagle (2 under par) = 4
  • Birdie (1 under par) = 3
  • Par = 2
  • Bogey = 1
  • Double Bogey + = 0

Place the actual score on the score card under the column labelled “score” Pick a different column and note your Stableford score as well. Add them up at the end and note your Stableford total in the box labelled STB.