Shared pathways

Working toward Nelson's sustainable transport goal

Nelson is lucky to have a range of urban cycling and walking opportunities with some of the best off road facilities in the country.

Investment in over 20 kilometers of off road shared pathways around the city ensures that cycling and walking have a strong future as sustainable and environmentally friendly transport modes.

This map shows the main cycleway routes. For more information on recreational walking and cycling routes, check out our other map publications, Walk Nelson or Bike Nelson.

Download the Atawhai Shared Pathways map (719KB PDF)

Download the Nelson Shared Pathways map (5.4MB PDF)

Benefits of walking and cycling

Catch the exercise habit
  • Figure out your local shortcuts and walk, jog or bike whenever you can
  • Build some exercise into getting the milk or the paper from the shop - take a backpack and you'll be surprised at how much shopping you can carry
  • Get into active socialising. Instead of sitting chatting with a friend, go out for a walk together.
  • Save money on fuel and other car costs - commute by bike
  • Be an active role model for your family - walk the kids to school and turn routine errands into family walks

Safety First

When riding:
  • Give way – always give way to people on foot, they have right of way.
  • Ring your bell – ring your bell early to let walkers know you’re approaching.
  • Slow down – this is common courtesy.
  • Watch out – pets and children can be unpredictable.
When walking:
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Listen for bike bells and move to the left to allow bike riders to pass.
  • Be predictable and keep to the left.
  • Be mindful of young children and dogs, keep them safe.
  • Be aware of cyclists and walkers when entering or exiting driveways and side roads.